A “perfectionist” with “unreasonable demands”: MrBeast allegedly “berated” his former employees

(Image Via Sportskeeda)
(Image Via Sportskeeda)
Modified 05 May 2021

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, Youtube’s largest giveaway creator is caught up in a controversy involving former employees alleging a toxic work environment, bullying and more.

An in-depth report from the New York Times detailing Mr. Beast's life revealed unprecedented incidents that occurred off-camera. 11 former employees have so far allegedly described working for Donaldson’s Youtube channels as a “difficult work environment”.

Since entering the social media platform in 2013 – Donaldson has amassed over 61 million subscribers from his entertaining gaming and challenge videos, mystery box reveals, giveaways etc.

MrBeast's Hardest Riddle Giveaway (Image via YouTube, MrBeast)

The creator’s success from his multiple YouTube channels, namely MrBeast, MrBeast Shorts and Beast Reacts, has paved the way for Donaldson to enter other sectors like the fast food industry, with the start of MrBeast Burger.

MrBeast Burger has also come under fire as fans have accused the fast food chain of serving customers raw food.

MrBeast former editor claims he insulted him and used slurs

According to the interviews with MrBeast’s past employees one particular editor, Nate Anderson, after working with Donaldson for a week, decided to quit and claimed that the Youtuber was a “perfectionist” and made “unreasonable demands” while editing videos.

“Nothing ever worked for him,” Mr. Anderson said. “He always wanted it a certain way.”

Anderson made a video on his Youtube channel detailing in a tell-all video, “My Experience Editing for Mr. Beast (Worst Week of My Life)”. The former employee even claimed to have received death threats and toxic comments from MrBeast fans due to his response.

Matt Turner, another former editor who worked from 2018-19 claimed that Philanthropist YouTuber breated him almost every day. Donaldson allegedly engaged in using slurs aimed at insulting people with mental disabilities leaving the former editor in tears.

“I was not to be credited for anything I did,” Mr. Turner said. “I’d ask for credit, he’d credit someone else.”

MrBeast allegedly failed to feature or acknowledge the former editor, while he often included his hometown friends in videos.

Turner has been open about his allegations after posting a video in 2018 explaining his difficulties working for MrBeast. Unfortunately, Turner also faced a barrage of criticism from fans of MrBeast.

“These kids don’t even know what they’re saying,” he said. “They’re just in this cult of YouTube stardom where they don’t want to see their biggest creator fall.”

MrBeast has denied being interviewed to address the list of accusations and the working conditions at his companies. It remains to be seen if the YouTuber will respond to the list of allegations.

Published 05 May 2021
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