Actress Jang Na-ra’s agency warns against spread of malicious information about her non-celebrity fiance

Jang Na-ra had previously announced her marriage plans. (Image via @nara0318/Instagram)
Jang Na-ra had previously announced her marriage plans. (Image via @nara0318/Instagram)

A few days ago, Sell Your Haunted House star Jang Na-ra announced that she would be getting married to her boyfriend of two years, who is not a celebrity. But the more popular a star is, the higher the chances are that there will be trolls online ready to spoil the special event with malicious posts.

Thus, the actress’ agency, Lawon Munhwa, has issued a public statement (via All K Pop) warning everyone to refrain from spreading private information or making posts to tarnish the reputation of Jang Na-ra, her fiance, or his family.

The agency asked for the public’s sensitivity when it comes to Jang Na-ra’s wedding

In their statement, the agency asked fans not to indulge in “groundless speculation” because she hadn’t shared any information about her would-be-groom.

“Actress Jang Nara is currently preparing for marriage, one of life’s most important events. As Jang Nara personally requested, considering that her groom-to-be is not a celebrity, we entreat you to refrain from groundless speculation and the spreading of personal information about her groom-to-be.”

The agency further hinted that they would be forced to take legal action if anyone still decided to make such posts online.

“We have deemed posts attacking [her fiancé’s] family or spreading excessive information about his identity to be malicious, and our agency will respond accordingly. We ask that you only send blessings and encouragement to actress Jang Nara, who is making a new start and beginning the second chapter of her life.”

Previously, Jang Na-ra had shared the news of her marriage with fans on her official fan club website and revealed that she was tying the knot with her boyfriend. She added that he is six years younger than her and does not have celebrity status as he works in video production:

“I fell for his sweet smile, his kindness, his earnest integrity, and most of all, for the way he carried himself as he poured his heart into his work. I'm so happy to continue my life alongside this respectful person, and so I couldn't wait to share this happiness honestly with all of you, my cherished fans!”

But she made it clear that she won’t be sharing any more details about her fiance, not even his name, as he is not a celebrity and “may face discomfort in his field of work due to his relationship with me.”

Jang Na-ra also revealed that after she gets married, she will be making her much-anticipated comeback to the world of acting with a new project. She was last seen in the KBS series Sell Your Haunted House.

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