All K-pop artists nominated for the 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards: BTS' Jung Kook, NewJeans, and more

2023 MTV EMA Nominees (Image via Instagram/@bts.bighitofficial, @newjeansofficial)
2023 MTV EMA Nominees (Image via Instagram/@bts.bighitofficial, @newjeansofficial)

The 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards released its nominations on Tuesday, October 3, through Billboard Brazil. The list of nominees this year not only stands higher, but the event also includes multiple nomination categories compared to last year.

From solo debuted singers like BTS' Jung Kook to newly debuted rookie groups, NewJeans, the K-pop artists have found themselves under various nomination categories, gaining recognition for their impressive and remarkable releases in the past year.

Given the award ceremony's reputation and significance in the industry, the natural exposure and recognition that K-pop artists will gain through the same is much-awaited.

Fans can hardly wait to see how many K-pop artists will win the trophies in their respective categories, which will be unveiled on the day of the ceremony, November 5, 2023, in Paris, France.

From solo artists to rookie groups: All K-pop artists who are nominated for the 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards

The 2023 MTA Europe Music Awards is the latest edition of the award ceremony organized by Paramount International Networks since 1994.

The award show was created with the intention of honoring artists across the globe who have showcased prominence and gained public interest through their releases in the past year.

With its specific focus on recognizing the diversity and multiplicity of music genres, it opens up its platform for a huge spectrum of artists.

MTV's Europe Music Awards is also often considered an alternative to MTV's Video Music Award, which is held annually in the United States. The former, however, often changes its location, though it is primarily held in the United Kingdom.

The 2023 MTV Europe Awards will be held in Paris, France, marking the first time the event has been presented in the location since 1995.

Among the several artists who will gather on the night of November 5 to not only bag their well-deserved awards but also roll out a special performance, here are all the K-pop artists who were nominated for the 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards ceremony:

Best Song

  • BTS' Jung Kook - SEVEN (feat. Latto)

Biggest Fans

  • BTS' Jung Kook

Best Group

  • TXT
  • NewJeans
  • aespa

Best Push Artists

  • TXT

Best K-pop

  • BTS' Jung Kook
  • TXT
  • NewJeans
  • Stray Kids.

Given that last year's nominees had fewer K-pop artists nominated under categories outside 'Best K-pop', the nominations for the 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards stand as a huge leap for the industry.

Many K-pop artists will make their debut appearances at the award show and it is specifically impressive for BTS' Jung Kook and NewJeans.

While this marks Jung Kook's first nomination on MTV EMAs as a solo artist right after his debut, it's also a remarkable achievement for NewJeans, the rookie group that debuted not over a year ago.

With only a month until the 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards, fans are eager to know which K-pop singers will take home the trophies.

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