All you need to know about KFC’s new Fried Chicken Nuggets

KFC to replace Popcorn Chicken with Fried Chicken Nuggets (Image via NurPhoto/Getty Images)
KFC to replace Popcorn Chicken with Fried Chicken Nuggets (Image via NurPhoto/Getty Images)

KFC fans may be in for a surprise as the fast food chain plans to make a significant change to its menu. The Kentucky-based fried chicken fast food restaurant chain (KFC) is hoping to replace its fan-favorite Popcorn Chicken with a new all-white meat Chicken Nuggets. According to an anonymous leak, the new replacement will begin appearing in stores in January 2023.

Customers can expect to see the rollout of the new all-white KFC Chicken Nuggets sometime around the end of January and early February in the upcoming year. Earlier this summer, the fast food restaurant chain tested Chicken Nuggets for a limited time in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

If the leaks are to be believed, the rollout of the new Chicken Nuggets will happen after the chain has completely removed the Popcorn Chicken from stores all across the country. If you see Popcorn Chicken leaving the menu in your local store, it could be a sign that the Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets are right on their way. Apparently, the leak also suggests that the chain will be removing the fan-favorite Chocolate Chip cookies, but there has been no hint of a replacement.

Things to know about KFC's Popcorn Chicken and the new Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets

Loyal KFC fans have always loved the chain's Popcorn Chicken. First introduced in 1992, the chain's crunchy chicken treats have gone through various phases of change. While some of the changes enhanced the overall quality of the chicken treat, other changes also affected its popularity in some regions of the United States.

As the chain looks forward to removing Chicken Popcorn from its menu after almost 30 years, there are guaranteed to be some major lash outs from customers across the country. But considering KFC's history of cooking up amusingly good new items, the new Fried Chicken Nuggets might work out just fine.

For those who may be out of the loop, here's what the two items offer:

Popcorn Chicken

One of the most popular items on the chain's menu, KFC's Popcorn chicken features small, bite-sized juicy pieces of chicken that are seasoned in a light bread batter mix and fried to perfection. For the time being, customers can enjoy the Popcorn Chicken at the nearest store at a starting price of $1.99 excluding taxes. Popcorn Chicken pairs well as a go-to appetizer with the chain's chicken sandwiches and drinks.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets

First tested in the North Carolina region in the summer of this year, the upcoming Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets feature 100% all-white meat chicken pieces that are hand-breaded in the chain's signature Original Recipe of 11 Herbs and Spices. During the test run, the Chicken Nuggets were available in 8, 12, and 36-piece options at a starting price of $3.49.

More information about the upcoming Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets and the discontinuation of the KFC classic Popcorn Chicken is expected soon. Customers who want to get early updates about the same are advised to keep up with the chain's social media accounts.

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