"An amazing artist": Hugh Jackman compliments Stray Kids' Hyunjin for his incredible artwork

Hugh Jackman praises Hyunjin for his art skills (Image via @Stray_Kids/@RealHughJackson/Twitter)
Hugh Jackman praises Hyunjin for his art skills (Image via @Stray_Kids/@RealHughJackson/Twitter)

World-famous K-pop boy group Stray Kids has been creating ripples on the internet for their latest mini-album ODDINARY, which was released on March 18, 2022. While each group member has special talents and is skilled in their own way, group member Hyunjin has garnered a lot of attention for his mesmerizing artwork.

Captivated by one of his art pieces, Australian actor Hugh Jackman praised the K-pop idol for his brilliant talents and the beautiful picture that he had recently created with much imagination and precision. Hugh Jackman took the opportunity to showcase his fan-boy moment and commented:

"An amazing artist you are."

Fans react to Hugh Jackman's supportive message to Stray Kids' Hyunjin's artwork

Ever since the group debuted back in 2017, each member has exhibited exceptional talent and skills. However, groupmate Hyunjin has always treated fans to something a little more special: his extraordinary artworks. From sketching faces to drawing beautiful landscapes, the K-pop idol has left fans in awe on a number of occasions.

Proving that he has an artistic soul, Stray Kids' Hyunjin went a step further with a recent art piece whose picture he uploaded on the group’s official Instagram account. He showed the group’s fans, known as STAYs, the full process that went into his painting as well as the hard work.

After hours of sketching and painting, the outcome was mind-blowing, which is hardly surprising. His new piece truly cemented his artistic status, with fans admiring his skills. Furthermore, it wasn't just STAYs who complimented him for his work; Australian actor Hugh Jackman also left a comment on his post, commending the MANIAC singer for his artwork.

As soon as STAYs noticed Hugh Jackman’s comment, they took to various social media platforms to express their surprise and excitement regarding the actor’s comment. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes; one of the most famous actors in the film industry had complimented their idol.

STAYs continued to encourage and congratulate Hyunjin and stated that they are looking forward to more interaction between the two global stars.

@realdestinyh Oh my god he's literally my childhood superhero crush 😭 I'm living for more Hugh Jackman × Hyunjin interaction 💕
i like how stays still can't get used to stray kids being friends with ryan reynolds and hugh jackman 😭 i hope they can all hang out together when stray kids go on america for maniac tour (with zedd too) 🤞🤞
stray kids members are seriously so amazing like damn i just slept and there's a nayeon ft. felix already and hyunjin oil canvas ft. hugh jackman comment

Following the group's heart-warming and blossoming friendship with American actor Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman has also jumped on the bandwagon and has had many interactions with Stray Kids, especially with fellow Australians Felix and Bang Chan.

It looks like Stray Kids is steadily turning A-list celebrities into fans, with many certifying themselves as true STAYs, including Hannah Montana star Jason Earles and his wife, who recently promoted the group’s mini-album on the Disney red carpet.

The self-producing K-pop boy group made history with its latest mini-album ODDINARY as the title track for the album, MANIAC, made its presence on multiple UK official charts for the first time.


Additionally, the group made significant pre-order sales with its new mini-album and became the first double-million seller and the first 4th-generation K-pop group to surpass one-million sales by accumulating more than 1.2-million pre-orders.

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