10 hilarious replies from Stray Kids during ‘ODDINARY’ Twitter mention party

Stray Kids (Image via Twitter/@Stray_Kids)
Stray Kids (Image via Twitter/@Stray_Kids)

Ahead of their upcoming mini-album, ODDINARY, the newly crowned double million-seller Stray Kids held a menpa, aka a mention party, on Twitter. The group was divided into three units, each of whom got thirty minutes to reply to fan tweets. The first unit included Lee Know, Felix, and I.N. While the second unit included Changbin, Hyunjin, and Han, the last unit was made up of leader Bang Chan and Seungmin.

Funny, flirtatious, sarcastic, and even sassy, Stray Kids members did not hold back while replying to fan tweets in their unique ways.

Hyunjin's ratio, Han's Bbama hat: 10 times Stray Kids's replies had fans rolling with laughter during Twitter menpa for ‘ODDINARY’

On March 17, a day before the highly-anticipated ODDINARY comeback, Stray Kids' members took turns to reply to fans on Twitter. These tweets ranged anywhere from spoiler questions to showing fanarts. The mention party, or menpa, is an event where only a handful of fans get lucky to earn a reply from their idols.

1) Hyunjin getting ratioed

Hyunjin turned out to be the biggest flirt during ODDINARY’s menpa, and he is now getting ratioed by fans. He replied, “kiss me” in capital letters to a fan who tweeted that if a member doesn’t reply, they would think that the member owes them a kiss. The STAY fandom united in calling him a “cheater” while some even jokingly put their Hyujin photocard collection up for sale.

A few hours later, Hyunjin posted photos on Bubble, which fans joked were posted because he noticed he was getting ratioed.

saw the ratio so he decided to give everyone a kiss
trying to make up for the ratio i see

2) Lee Know on his way to change his hair color

“leeknow we both have purple hair, are we destined to get married?”leeknow: “oh let me change my hair colour !!!!!” BAHAHAHAHAHAH I CNT THE EMBARRASSMENT…

One fan took a chance on calling Lee Know their soulmate. They stated that since they share the same purple hair color as the Stray Kids member, they were “destined” to be married. He stayed true to his tsundere personality and stated that he would change his hair color soon.

3) Bang Chan making a STAY shave their head

"if u reply to me i’ll shave my head" HE……

The most common tried-and-tested formula of getting a reply is jokingly threatening celebs; and this method did not fail the STAY fandom this time. A fan tweeted that they would shave their head if Bang Chan replied to them. Fortunately or unfortunately, the tweet landed on the leader’s timeline, and he responded with "have fun."

4) Felix being a literal sunshine throughout

felix’s replies are always so sweet 😭

Australian-Korean rapper and dancer Felix is known for his gorgeous visuals and bright personality. During menpa, the Stray Kids member was his usual shining self, giving fans advice, encouragement, and even calling them his vitamins. He was the member with the fewest replies - only 15 - but he made sure to leave words as bright as him for STAYs to cheer themselves up with.

5) Hyunjin and STAY being partners-in-crime

💬 han jisung, if there’s no reply i’ll kidnap leeknow🥟 jisung-ah don’t reply

Another fan used the same formula and jokingly warned Han that if he didn't reply, they'd abduct Lee Know. Hyunjin replied in place of Han, telling him not to reply to the tweet and let their hyung be taken away. Fans loved the unexpected Hyunho archenemies energy in the tweet.

6) Seungmin’s shoulder reveal via Bang Chan

@thraire [방찬] #StrayKidsComeback pretty broad actually haha

As the second-tallest member in Stray Kids, standing at 175 cm, Seungmin not only has the height in the group, but also one of the finest builds. Fans don’t really know how broad Seungmin’s shoulders are, Bang Chan gave them a small hint: “pretty broad.”

7) Seungmin and the saga of rejection

seungmin said ❌NO❌ marriage for him ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Seungmin also wears many hats. Along with being the group's main vocalist, he also holds the position of being the flirtiest member of the group. Though he continues pampering STAYs on Bubble, his stance was completely different when fans asked him to marry them during menpa.

8) Bbama’s beanie?

ODDINARY concept photos left fans surprised as Stray Kids upped their styling game. Han caught major attention as he wore a big, furry beanie in one of the teaser images. When a fan asked him what the beanie was, he replied that it was his pet dog’s butt. The comedic genius Han shone throughout menpa, and this is one reply that fans will have ingrained in their minds till the end of time.

9) No more chicken, Felix is a certified cat now

💬: i lost my cat earlier ㅠㅠㅠ have you seen my cat by chance ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ #straykidscomeback 🐰: that cat was at my house

Constantly shifting between a chick, a chicken, and a cat, Lee Know confirmed that Felix is a cat. A fan posted Felix’s photo as a reference to their missing “cat,” and Lee Know replied that the cat was at his home some time ago. It seems like Felix’s dream of FFC (Felix Fried Chicken) will have to take a backseat for now.

10) Look out for a Dwaekki STAY at the world tour

: changbin if you reply this I'll wear this outfit when I go to skz concert🐷🐰: keep your promise

Yet another example of a fan getting themselves in trouble, all for a reply from one of the idols. The fan might have thought they had fewer chances of being noticed, but Changbin’s reply has made everyone look forward to someone wearing a puffed-up pink dwaekki (pig-bunny) outfit at the group’s upcoming world tour.

The ODDINARY menpa was a fun way to keep the excitement going for Stray Kids’ upcoming mini-album. The members will be performing their title track, MANIAC, in their highly-anticipated outfits on multiple music shows in the coming week. Meanwhile, Stray Kids’ ODDINARY will be released on March 18, 2022, 1 pm KST.

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