“Pretend you didn’t hear that”: Stray Kids’ Bang Chan accidentally reveals his hair color on VLive

Stray Kids' leader Bang Chan 'ODDINARY' concept photo (Image via @Stray_Kids/Twitter)
Stray Kids' leader Bang Chan 'ODDINARY' concept photo (Image via @Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Trust Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan to help spoil the group’s comebacks. Keeping his promise to meet STAYs at least once a week, the leader hosted his usual weekly livestream, Chan's Room, on March 13. In a spur of honesty, Bang Chan slipped up and revealed his hair color - which is now back to being black - to thousands of fans.

The group’s upcoming album, ODDINARY, has released multiple concept photos and Unveil Track videos in the past few weeks. The leader has donned different hair colors in all of them, throwing fans into confusion and wondering about his current hair color. Thanks to Sunday’s livestream, STAYs can now heave a sigh of relief.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan accidentally reveals his hair color, curls up in a ball of shyness

"bang chan your hair is blue right?""mmh 검은 색... it's BLACK...."""OH......"

As STAYs went berserk over Stray Kids' ODDINARY teasers, a question looming in the air was about Bang Chan’s current hair color. The idol was black, blonde, and then blue in the album teasers, leaving fans in a state of confusion.

However, in the latest Chan’s Room episode, he mistakenly revealed his hair color, realized it a few seconds later, froze, and then giggled shyly, asking fans to pretend they didn’t hear him.

He accidentally just said his hair color RIP BANG CHAN POOR GUY HE IS

Fans found the expression adorable and soon started trending on social media. Bang Chan tried reversing the damage by shifting his stance and saying that the beanie he was wearing was black, not his hair.

However, his exasperated “Please” and giggles gave fans a wholly different implication. Fans couldn’t stop sharing the clip and even made GIFs of it.

(Lets all pretend we don't know.) Omg i wonder what color is bangchan hair!?!…
bang chan hiding his hair using a beanie but exposing it while answering vlive questions instead:
bang chan’s hair IS NOT BLACK🖤
Bang Chan was insisting that it was not a spoiler because the hat he’s wearing is black, not his hair…His closet is full of black clothes so that works well as an excuse…
Bang Chan telling stays his hair is black
56 seconds of bangchan losing his mind because he accidentally revealed his hair color

In the latest ODDINARY teaser, Bang Chan sported blue hair. With Hyunjin’s bright red hair and Lee Know’s purple hair gaining buzz alongside the leader’s blue hair, fans hope they get a music show performance with all three members dressed up in the iconic hair colors.

the see through, the blue hair, the black nails.. BANGCHAN YOU AMAZING MAN!!!!!!

A comeback is a hush-hush concept in K-pop. New hair is a major giveaway for a K-pop group working on a new release. To keep things a secret until any official announcement, idols hide their hair color as best they can during the comeback recordings. Moreover, experimenting with new colors is what makes K-pop stand out.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids released a thrilling teaser video for the title track MANIAC from the upcoming album ODDINARY. Pre-orders for the album have begun. The album will be released on March 18, 1:00 PM KST.

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "MANIAC" M/V Teaser FRI 1PM (KST) | 0AM (EST)#StrayKids #스트레이키즈#ODDINARY#MANIAC #MANIAC_SKZ#StrayKidsComeback#YouMakeStrayKidsStay

The release will be the group's first album since being signed with a US record label, which means that Stray Kids will have a chance of getting their first Billboard entry with ODDINARY. Meanwhile, the group also announced the 'MANIAC World Tour' a week ago.

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