BLACKPINK Jennie buys a luxury apartment worth a staggering $3.76 million in all-cash

Featuring Jennie of BLACKPINK. (Images via Instagram/@jennierubyjane)
Featuring Jennie of BLACKPINK. (Images via Instagram/@jennierubyjane)

A South Korean media source, Biz Hankook, reported on November 14, 2023, that Jennie, a member of BLACKPINK, purchased a brand-new UN Village condominium for $3.76 million (5 billion KRW). Furthermore, it is regarded as one of Seoul's most elegant locations and a high-end area.

On top of that, the Solo singer-rapper reportedly paid cash for her new house without taking out a bank loan. This further cements the globally popular singer-rapper's financial affluence.

Jennie had reportedly bought an apartment in the LaTerrace villa complex in UN Village amid the public scrutiny surrounding the status of her contract with YG Entertainment as of late. The luxury property has five bedrooms and three bathrooms with a total living area of 244.97 square meters (2636 square feet).

More details about Jennie's newly bought Le Terrasse Hannam property in UN Village

As per Biz Hankook and SBS Star News reports, Jennie started the apartment purchase process in February 2021 and put down a 10% deposit of ₩500 million, or around $379,000. Usually, the remaining balance is due in six months, but the Solo singer was granted an extension to finish the payment in full.

SBS Star reported that she recently moved into La Terrasse Hannam after paying the remaining payment in full with cash this summer in July 2023. Meanwhile, the BLACKPINK megastar resided in another opulent apartment in UN village before relocating to her present one. However, she was leasing that flat.

The apartment that the Solo singer acquired is named "La Terrasse Hannam" and was constructed in 2012. It offers some of the neighborhood's most significant security and privacy attributes. It comprises three floors above and three below ground, comprising fifteen apartments.

UN village, located in Yongsan-gu's Hannam-dong, is regarded as one of Korea's most elite and wealthy localities. Numerous well-known politicians, businesses, and celebrities call it their home, including G-Dragon of BIGBANG and actress Song Hye-kyo, famous for her K-dramas such as The Glory and Descendants of The Sun.

Furthermore, Suga, aka Min Yoongi of the globally popular group BTS, is also reported to own a property in the same neighborhood. Remarkably, while Pinocchio and Big Mouth famed actor Lee Jong-suk resides at Nine One Hannam, he also owns a unit in the same complex as Jennie.

With her numerous prestigious endorsements, such as being the brand ambassador for Chanel, Calvin Klein, Tamburins, and more, it is evident that she is one of the highest-paid artists in South Korea. Coined the term "Human Chanel," she also represents Lotte Confectionery, Samsung Galaxy, and Hera.

As the South China Morning Post reported in June 2022, the Solo singer collaborated with the upscale Korean eyewear company Gentle Monster to introduce the Jentle Home Collection, a range of sunglasses. According to Ace Bed Korea, each deal of the Solo singer-rapper is worth over $800,000, estimated to have gone up in the recent year.

Recent activities regarding BLACKPINK Jennie

The news of the BLACKPINK rapper registering for a trademark on her name, "Jennie Ruby Jane," with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS), suddenly appeared online amid doubts surrounding the contract renewal with YG Entertainment. According to reports, the solo singer-rapper submitted trademark applications in January and March 2023.

As reported by Koreaboo, the trademark application was also filed under ten other categories. The fundamental benefit of trademark protection is that it keeps artists safe from counterfeiting and the risk of confusing their intended demographic and market of choice. Additionally, a registered trademark offers an artist more protection than "common law."

Meanwhile, the decision to renew the contracts of BLACKPINK members Jennie, Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo will be made public later, according to YG Entertainment's statement on November 14, 2023. As stated in this quarterly report, YG Entertainment is still in ongoing negotiations regarding the artists' exclusive contracts.

YG Entertainment further stated that its conclusion would be communicated in the future by disclosing significant management matters related to investment decisions.

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