Who is the richest member of BLACKPINK? Net worth, brands & all you need to know

Featuring BLACKPINK. (Image via X/@BLACKPINK)
Featuring BLACKPINK. (Image via X/@BLACKPINK)

The global phenomenon BLACKPINK from YG Entertainment has taken the entire world by storm with its music and various luxury brand endorsements. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jisoo's net worth is about $20 million, making her the richest among the four members.

Several reports such as Celebrity Net Worth and WealthyPersons.com, claim that BLACKPINK's members receive the same compensation for both the music they produce and the live performances they give as a group. The members' various brand partnerships, however, have caused their net worth to vary slightly.

Featuring Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa. (Images via X/@BLACKPINK)
Featuring Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa. (Images via X/@BLACKPINK)

The cumulative net worth of all the BLACKPINK members has always been a question of interest. As estimated by WealthyPersons.com, the quartet's estimated net worth stands at a whopping $24 million, which equals each member taking home around $6 million per year just from group activities.

While Lisa promotes Bulgari among other brands, Rosé is the inspiration for several brands, such as Tiffany & Co., Yves Saint Laurent, and Rimowa, to mention a few. Meanwhile, Jennie serves as the global face of the luxury labels Chanel and Calvin Klein.

The group's management company, YG Entertainment, is predicted to take a chunkable share of their estimated remuneration out of the $25 million the group makes annually, therefore it should be understood that the individual net worth of the four members is simply an estimate.

What makes Jisoo the richest member of BLACKPINK?

Jisoo is well-known as the global ambassador for Dior and Cartier. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jisoo's net worth is about a staggering $20 million, making her the richest among the four members.

To generate money outside of BLACKPINK, Jisoo has her own brand deals, much like the other members. Jisoo has been a brand ambassador for the luxury brand of the House of Dior since March 2021.

Additionally, Jisoo joined the French luxury jeweler, Cartier's Panthère collection as a spokesperson alongside Emma Chamberlain, and Austin Butler, in May 2022. Jisoo is also the face of the Korean cosmetic brand, Kiss Me.

Furthermore, in 2022, with a startling 57% of their 2022 EMV (Earned Media Value) attributable to the posts of its ambassadors, the fine-jewellery brand Cartier has elevated the bar for brand ambassadorship programs.

As per Lefty Analytics, the amazing collaboration Cartier had with Jisoo, who on her alone delivered a startling 45% of Cartier's overall EMV with just 12 high-impact postings and 24 captivating Instagram stories is a testament to the idol's global influence.

Besides, this is calculated by equitably splitting BLACKPINK's $25 million (approximately) yearly revenues in addition to her other sources of income. On top of that she debuted as an actor in 2021, with the K-drama Snowdrop. She is going to make her acting comeback with the upcoming K-drama Influenza alongside South Korean actor Park Jung-min.

What is the individual net worth of Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa of BLACKPINK?

Rosé aka Roseanne Park

Net Worth: $18 million

With a net worth of $18 million, Rosé is the second richest member of BLACKPINK. Along with providing her fans with group music, the singer also released her solo album 'R' in 2021, which earned her two mentions in the Guinness World Records.

In 2020, Rosé took on the role of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's muse. Along with that, she is the new global ambassador for Tiffany & Co., Sulwhasoo, and the legendary German luggage carrier maker—Rimowa in 2023. She shares the role as a spokesperson of the Korean cosmetics brand, Kiss Me, with fellow team member, Jisoo.

Lisa aka Lalisa Manobal

Net Worth: $14 million

According to the South China Morning Post, Lisa has a $14 million net worth as a consequence of her enormous success in the music industry, as well as her roles on TV programs such as Real Man 300 and Youth With You and her work as a brand endorser.

She has collaborated with well-known companies including Celine, Prada, Bulgari, MAC, and AIS, the biggest mobile phone provider in Thailand.

Her compensation is reportedly at least US$300,000 for each concert and US$600,000 for each sponsorship, according to Korean media. According to reports, Lisa may make up to $200,000 for every sponsored Instagram post.

Jennie aka Jennie Kim

Net Worth: $10 million

Despite originating from a rich family—her father owns a hospital and her mother is reputedly a key stakeholder and director of CJ E&M, one of South Korea's largest entertainment firms—Jennie of BLACKPINK believes in creating her own money.

The You & Me singer, who is the face of Chanel and is dubbed the "Human Chanel." She also serves as the brand ambassador for Samsung Galaxy, Hera, Calvin Klein, and Lotte Confectionery. Jennie has made millions on these contracts, with an estimated cost of up to US$800,000 per.

In addition, Jennie made her acting debut in the 2023 season of the HBO drama The Idol, which also starred The Weekend and Lily-Rose Depp.

The four-member group made their debut in 2016 with the song Boombayah. Since then, BLACKPINK has grown to become one of the most well-known acts in K-pop, not to mention the entire world. Recently, the group became the first Asian act ever to rake in over $265 million in revenue through their BORN PINK World Tour 2023.

Furthermore, the world tour even witnessed an attendance of over 2.11 million spectators (including Coachella and Hyde Park) throughout their 66 shows of the tour which spanned across 24 countries.

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