"Blatant act of Islamophobia": Piers Morgan blasted for saying Muslim women "want to be oppressed" while interviewing NHS’ Dr. Abdul Wahid

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Piers Morgan was criticized for making controversial comments about Muslim women (Image via Stephen Pond/Getty Images)

Disclaimer: This article deals with the topic of Islamophobia. Reader's discretion is advised.

Piers Morgan landed in another controversy after recently interviewing NHS doctor Abdul Wahid on his talk show Uncensored. Social media platforms have been flooded with adverse reactions after Morgan claimed during the interview that Muslim women "want to be oppressed."

Morgan's words were in response to a question from the guest who asked him why many women accepted the ways of Islam. S2j News stated that Morgan was repeatedly questioning Wahid on his take regarding the implementation of the Shariah law in the UK before he openly expressed his views towards the Muslim people.

Netizens expressed their anger towards Morgan by accusing him of being Islamophobic. One of them also wrote that Morgan targeted the faith of all the Muslims around the world, and it was a "blatant act of Islamophobia."

The public is criticizing Piers Morgan for allegedly attacking the faith of Muslims

After Piers Morgan invited NHS doctor Abdul Wahid, he was criticized on social media platforms for reportedly hurting the sentiments of the Muslim people. Wahid questioned Morgan during the interview and said,

"Why do so many women become Muslim these days."

Morgan replied by saying they "want to be oppressed," and he repeated the same on camera. Netizens found his comment discriminatory towards Muslims, and they responded by sharing their responses on X (formerly Twitter).

Thе vidеo of Piеrs Morgan's commеnts has gone viral on social media, and pеoplе have rеportеdly dеmandеd his arrеst. Howеvеr, hе has yеt to rеspond to thе controvеrsy from his sidе.

According to Thе Daily Mail, Wahid addressed thе Israеl-Hamas conflict in thе intеrviеw, saying that Hamas did not kill anyone based on their rеligious background. Hе dеscribеd thе conflict as a "rеsistancе" and continuеd,

"Rеsistancе is a right in Islam, it's a right in intеrnational law, a right that Churchill said in his History of thе English-Spеaking Pеoplеs, hе wrotе in that book it is a primary right of mеn to kill and diе for thе land thеy livе in."

Wahid additionally showcased his support towards the implementation of Sharia law in Muslim countries and said that being a homos*xual was a sin. Piers Morgan refused to continue with the conversation at one point and said that Morgan was very clear about his "beliefs in the answers."

According to the Jewish Chronicle, Dr. Abdul Wahid Asif is thе lеadеr of thе British branch of thе Islamic fundamеntalist political organization called Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Piers Morgan has been previously criticized for hosting Uncensored after testing COVID-19 positive

Piers Morgan was targeted by netizens on social media earlier this month after he hosted an episode of Uncensored from his home in London. The Sun states that two crew members who were with Morgan at the time were also diagnosed with Covid-19.

Morgan had posted a picture of his COVID-19 positive test results through X and revealed that he would be hosting Uncensored at the comfort of his home. While the post's comments section was flooded with multiple responses, Morgan replied to some of them and stated in one of them that he took a booster two years ago.

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