"Borderline snake sh*t": Doja Cat slams Noah Schnapp's 'exploitative' behavior, defends viral Joseph Quinn tweet 

Doja Cat addresses Joseph Quinn tweet and Noah Schnapp leaking her messages on Instagram live (Images via Getty Images)
Doja Cat addresses Joseph Quinn tweet and Noah Schnapp leaking her messages on Instagram live (Images via Getty Images)

Doja Cat recently took to her Instagram live to tell fans that she was not pleased to see Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp leak her messages on TikTok. The Netflix star recently took to the video-sharing platform to share a video of the singer asking for Schnapp’s fellow actor Joseph Quinn to “hmu.” The TikTok video has since gone viral across social media platforms, leading to Doja Cat addressing the situation.

On Thursday, the 17-year-old actor, who plays Will Byers on Stranger Things, took to TikTok to share a video of Doja Cat asking Schnapp to get Joseph Quinn in touch with her. Schnapp went on to ask the singer to slide into Quinn’s DMs.

In her recent Instagram live, Doja Cat expressed how uncomfortable she was with exposing her private messages to the public. Although the singer recognized that Noah Schnapp is a teenager who is allowed to make mistakes, she dragged the actor on the social media platform and claimed that what he did was “borderline snake s**t.”

She said in the live video:

“But the fact that this person, that Noah did that, like went and posted a private conversation between me and him is so unbelievably like socially unaware and wack and like you know what I mean… that’s like borderline snake s**t, like that’s like weasel s**t. And I’m not saying that that encapsulates his entire personality, like Noah is not like the definition… like I wouldn’t imagine he is, maybe he is a snake, you know? But like, I didn’t see him that way.”

Doja Cat addressed the “Joseph quinn fine as s**t” tweet

The Say So singer continued to express disappointment over her private conversation getting leaked online. She said:

“I think that… to be fair, lets try to be chill about it. To be fair this is like a kid. Like Noah is like I don’t know how old he is but he’s not even over like, there’s no way he’s over like 21. And he might be, and I could be wrong. But like, when you’re that young you make mistakes, you do dumb s**t. I’m just trying to be super fair. You do dumb s**t, you say dumb s**t, you f**king f**k up relationships with people, you make mistakes. You’re supposed to so that you know not to do it in the future. I did my fair share of f**k ups, so that I don’t f**k up again.”

The Grammy winner addressed the now-viral tweet where she called Joseph Quinn “fine as s**t.”

Doja Cat said she did not find it problematic as she thought it was a “meme, and it’s dumb.” She said on Instagram live:

“But like the intention behind it is like, I’m going to tweet some s**t that’s going to get a reaction because it’s a meme and it’s dumb and like you know what I mean, like yes he is attractive and I’m attracted to him but I hate the idea of like there’s something very weird, it’s like a very degrading and it’s exploitative behaviour and it’s embarrassing, it’s like super embarrassing. I’m not really embarrassed like it’s not the end of the f**king world like I flirt with people on the internet. I flirt with everybody on the internet, it’s like totally okay.”

Neither Joseph Quinn nor Noah Schnapp have addressed the messages leak.

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