Bryce Hall slams his former manager for allegedly “talking sh**” behind his back and claiming that “tickets won’t sell”

Bryce Hall calls out former manager for claiming that tickets to the match wouldn't sell (Image via YouTube)
Bryce Hall calls out former manager for claiming that tickets to the match wouldn't sell (Image via YouTube)

Following reports that the Battle of The Platforms boxing didn't sell enough tickets, Bryce Hall recently took to Twitter to slam his former manager for "talking sh**" behind his back and claiming that his fight wouldn't sell tickets.

The Battle of the Platforms, also known as the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, was created by Social Gloves, a company allegedly owned by ACE Family's Austin McBroom.

Hall and McBroom's fight served as the headlining event, with the former being knocked out in the third round.

After the fight, multiple fans who attended the event in person complained that the venue was a terrible choice. Meanwhile, fans at home were angry as they paid for PPV access but couldn't watch the fight due to errors from LiveXLive.


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Bryce Hall calls Michael Gruen a "scam f***er"

Hall took to Twitter on Saturday afternoon to call out Michael Gruen, his former manager, for merely predicting that his fight with McBroom would undersell.

In a resurfaced clip from the Sway House reality show, Hall angrily discussed Gruen with his team before the fight.

"I don't understand why he would talk sh** behind my back. This isn't the first time Michael's talked sh** about me so it didn't shock me when I heard that."

In May, Gruen allegedly claimed that Hall's PPV event would not make the target goal. As reports about the revenue made have recently come out, it turns out that Gruen was right.

Sources have stated that the event only sold 100,000 out of the 500,000 available tickets, which may be tied to Social Gloves' issue with not paying the participants.

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Michael Gruen says he's "flattered"

Hall's former manager responded to the former's tweet, claiming he was "flattered" to hear that from him.

Furthermore, Gruen even sarcastically said it "was a pleasure" to hear from Hall on Twitter.

He then said that "everything is not what it seems." Gruen posted a thread exposing Hall and showing receipts of the TikToker apologizing for what he said.

Hall has not commented further on his "beef" with Gruen. However, he has announced an upcoming video that fans are speculating may potentially be about his former manager.

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