BTS' Dalmajung merch collection: Where to buy, price, dates, products, availability, and more

BTS for Dalmajung Merch (Image via Twitter/@YouTube)
BTS for Dalmajung Merch (Image via Twitter/@YouTube)

BTS' Dalmajung merch is set to be released before Chuseok, which is the Korean Thanksgiving Day. Korea is preparing to celebrate the country's harvest festival, Chuseok, on September 10, and BTS is gearing up to celebrate it with fans by dropping the unique BTS' Dalmajung merch collection.

The upcoming BTS' Dalmajung merch collection is not yet available for sale, although the items will soon be available to those who have the Weverse Shop membership.

While the merch is not available at the moment, fans can still see previews of each item on the Weverse Shop.

BTS' Dalmajung merch: Price, dates, products, availability and all you need to know

BTS' Dalmajung merch pieces are expected to be released within an affordable price range. According to a Korean media outlet, the merch collection comprises, among other things, silver jewelry that will cost around ₩55,000 KRW, which is about $40.30 USD. For more information, fans can check the Weverse Shop.

The special merch from the Dynamite artists will be available on Tuesday, September 6 at 11 am KST.

Fans can also purchase fashion-related merch, including hair accessories and cardigans, while those who love stationery items can also buy products they like from the list of all the available merch. Interestingly, incense holders are also part of the group's Dalmajung merch collection this year. Bokjumeoni, or money bag pouches, are also available and can be bought for regular use.

In the past week, BTS has also enthralled fans with the release of a merch teaser where members can be seen wearing traditional outfits while boasting breathtaking visuals. Moon-themed photos and videos of BTS sent fans into a frenzy the minute they were posted. It is expected that photocards and photobooks, based on the shoot, will also be available.

The Dalmajung merch collection is inspired by Korean culture, especially the style prevalent in ancient Korea. In fact, in keeping with the theme for the product line, the logo for BTS has been changed into two panels resembling traditional silk screens showcasing flowers.

The Dalmajung special merch collection has a badge set that comprises a beautiful replica of an embroidery weave with a BTS logo. Painted scrolls, jokja, traditional teacup sets, and beautiful jewelry boxes are also in the merch collection.

The pieces in the collection promise to be quite special for those who love Korean culture. K-pop powerhouse BTS, apart from regularly dropping sensational hits, is also known for coming up with unique ideas for their merch collection, regardless of the theme or occasion. Once again, with the Dalmajung merch, the group astonished fans with their new line of collection.

BTS fans may have a tough time getting their hands on the merch, as anyone can buy it online. Previously, BTS also launched some innovative and unique merch collections such as the BT21 line, which turned out to be a hit among non-fans as well because of how adorable the items being offered were.

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