BTS’ Grammys 2022 performance concept explained by lead professional Ha Jung-jae

BTS at the Grammys 2022 (Image via Weverse Magazine)
BTS at the Grammys 2022 (Image via Weverse Magazine)

K-pop megastars BTS had a phenomenal night at the Grammys 2022, despite the award snub. In an interview with Weverse magazine, Ha Jung-jae, lead professional at the Concert Production Studio, explained the meaning behind their performance. He talked about it being “reminiscent of James Bond” and the members taking the stage as “spies” to build upon the exciting concept.

The group hardly had any time to practice together, but they outshone a majority of the performances. Jungkook descending from the ceiling on a live wire, V’s card trick and the group’s air-jacket-guitar choreography enthralled the audience. The septet's Grammys 2022 performance was even featured as one of the best performances of the night by Billboard and Rolling Stone.

BTS’ Grammys 2022 “spies” performance concept explained


BTS’ Grammys 2022 performance became the talk of the town on April 3, 2022. The septet, known for their perfectly synchronized performances and live singing skills while dancing, received a standing ovation at the end of their Butter performance on "music’s biggest night."

Dressed in sophisticated black outfits, the group acted out the undercover theme so well that fans continued talking about it for days after the event. Now, we even have an official explanation of the performance.

Speaking to Weverse Magazine, Ha Jung-jae, Lead Professional (LP) at the Concert Production Studio, explained how the idea was conceptualized and what certain moments on the stage meant. Han Jung-jae was also the LP and director of the Permission To Dance On Stage - Seoul concerts.

“The way they opened the stage was through a security card. They stole the card from a formally invited artist and gained entry that way.”
jungkook butter entrance butter performance TOP GRAMMY PERFORMER JUNGKOOK

As per the LP, the concept of the performance was BTS members “infiltrating” the stage as spies, similar to James Bond or Arsène Lupin who is a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise.

“For a concept like the gentleman thief Lupin, it would be more likely they enter from somewhere other than the stage, like from the audience or from out of thin air, rather than making a grand entrance from on stage.”

BTS’ eldest Jin sat in a corner surrounded by monitors, while youngest member Jungkook descended on the stage from a wire. The other members were seen sitting in the audience. V interacted with singer Olivia Rodrigo in one of the most memorable moments of the night. All these entrances were conceptualized to fit the undercover theme.

Moreover, the septet’s dance break for Butter elicited a positive response as well. Members jumped, slid across the floor and performed intricate choreographies while avoiding the lasers.

The butter dance break must be one of the most iconic thing that ever happened in the entire grammy history... BTS ARE THE MAIN CHARACTERS!!! #GRAMMYsTNT

The lasers, as per Ha Jung-jae, represented the security system that was triggered. In the words of the LP, the lasers “represent the adversity they were pushing through.”

Meanwhile, BTS recently teased an album comeback in June.

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