BTS' Jin helps increase sales of labels under Samsung C&T fashion brand

K-pop idol Jin (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)
K-pop idol Jin (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)

BTS' Jin, also known as Mr. Worldwide Handsome, recently helped increase sales of various labels under Samsung C&T fashion brand.

All members of the K-pop group make headlines not only for their evergreen and catchy songs but also for their unique fashion sense, and Jin never misses a chance to flaunt his handsome and charming style. Behind all the glamor and glitter of the stage, the boys have cultivated their own distinct fashion style.

BTS Jin's brand impact on famous fashion groups

As stated by Korean media, The Financial Times made a special report regarding the success of brands under Samsung C&T fashion brand which is owned by Samsung. The article states that the sales and popularity of the fashion brand increased by 378% since last year. The statement reads,

"According to the Financial Supervisory Service, on the 27th, Samsung C&T's fashion division recorded sales of 1.767 trillion won, and operating profit of 100 billion won in 2021. This is an increase of 14.4% and 377.8% compared to 2020."

BTS's Jin's brand impact on such a prominent fashion group was highlighted in the article. It stated that the idol wore the fashion brand AMI (Alexandre Mattiussi) in 2021 which was a driving force behind the revenue growth of 200%. This was the biggest boom for any of the Samsung C&T fashion group.

"Among Samsung C&T's new luxury products, AMI is a French designer brand, and its sales grew by more than 200% last year compared to the previous year. It gained great popularity among teenagers and 20s as BTS member Jin liked to wear it."

Additionally, Jin also popularized Thom Browne among millions of netizens as it is one of his favorite clothing brands. Thom Browne is also a part of the Samsung C&T group. Upon Jin's request, Samsung designers collaborated with Thom Browne to create Thom Browne Galaxy Edition gadgets.

As expected, this collaboration became a hot topic among users. Besides promoting the new gadget, Jin also uses the product in his everyday life. Millions of customers rushed to get their hands on the Thom Browne limited edition gadgets and the brand saw soaring sales.

"American designer Thom Browne also saw sales increase by more than 20 percent last year. In collaboration with Samsung Electronics, the Galaxy Watch 4 Thom Browne Edition and the Z Fold 3 Thom Browne Edition were released and became a hot topic."

Detailed with Thom Browne’s iconic red, white, and navy esthetics, the Thom Browne edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the trendiest smartphone of 2021. Jin's spectacular brand power impacted the two brands greatly. The K-pop singer gave a revenue increase of 220%.

BTS Jin's self produced track Super Tuna is a worldwide syndrome

The idol’s self produced track Super Tuna debuted on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart. The song is a fun melody filled with positive vibes and puts a smile across fan’s faces.


Jin released the song on December 4, 2021, which also happened to be his birthday. On the same day, the hashtag #SuperTunaChallenge recorded 93 million views. The track has been trending on every SNS platform even a month after the release. As of January 22, it surpassed 270 million views on TikTok and 47 million views on YouTube.

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