BTS Jin-endorsed noodles brand Ottogi makes 2024 Korea's Representative Brands list again

BTS member Jin
BTS member Jin's endorsement elevates Ottogi to the 2024 list of Korea's Representative Brands (Images via Instagram/@jin @ottogi_daily)

Noodles brand Ottogi, endorsed by BTS member Jin, has been listed on Korea's Representative Brand for the third consecutive time since the singer became the brand ambassador.

On March 27, 2024, the BRANDSTARS Selection Committee unveiled the 6th edition of the 2024 Korea Representative Brand, recognizing Korea's premier brands across various industries.

Among the distinguished names stood the BTS member's endorsed brand Ottogi, a renowned Korean food manufacturer.

What enhances this collaboration further is the shared name between the idol and the brand. The unique coincidence makes Seokjin the perfect candidate for endorsing Ottogi's Jin Ramen.

It's worth mentioning that BTS also stands out as the only K-pop act to feature on the list. For six consecutive years, BTS has received recognition from the 'Brandstars' Selection Committee as Korea's best brand in the entertainment category.


Much of Ottogi's recent achievements can be credited to the influence of the Epiphany singer, whose involvement has been instrumental in propelling Ottogi to new heights.

Following the announcement of the brands' list, the hashtag "#BEST BRAND AMBASSADOR JIN" quickly trended on social media platforms, underscoring Jin's significant impact.

The Astronaut singer's visuals, sterling reputation, and affable personality have endeared him to a vast domestic and international audience. Notably, Jin Ramen has reportedly emerged as Ottogi's top-selling product on its website.

In January 2024, the BTS member reportedly clinched the silver medal at the 2023 Korea Digital Advertising Awards for his Ramyun campaign, "Ottogi Jin Ramen Sincerity Campaign," further solidifying his position as Ottogi's brand ambassador.

The campaign, spearheaded by the Inus Community, garnered widespread acclaim and received the silver award in the marketing campaign promotion category at the KDigital Ad Awards ceremony.

Before embarking on his military service, he starred in several advertisements for Jin Ramen. Despite his temporary absence, Ottogi is flourishing, with sales surpassing 3 trillion Won.

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The Korea Representative Brands are selected across conglomerate, medium-sized, and small business categories in each industry, based on integrated media and consumer evaluations.

Representing various industries, selected brands include:

  • Samsung Electronics
  • Galaxy Z Flip5 (smartphone)
  • Hyundai Motor Company's Genesis (car)
  • Kia's EV6 (electric vehicle)
  • LG Electronics' Whisen (air conditioner)
  • (online shopping)
  • The Shilla Hotels & Resorts (accommodation)
  • Kiturami Energy (boiler)
  • Bacchus (energy drink)
  • Agabang (infant clothing)
  • Aram Books (cultural content)
  • Kakao (mobile platform)
  • BTS (K-pop group) was chosen.
  • Sulwhasoo (K-beauty)

Beauty and skincare:

  • Sulwhasoo
  • LG Household
  • The History of Whoo
  • Olive Young
  • Well-being Health Gounbal

Food Category:

  • Bibigo (instant food)
  • Shin Ramyun (Nongshim)
  • Paris Baguette (bakery)
  • Ottogi (ketchup)
  • Buldak-bokkeum-myeon (spicy ramen)
  • Hanolle (seafood)
  • Baunenajoo (beef-bone soup)
  • Mamacook (side dish)


  • LF Hazzys (casual wear)


  • CheongKwanJang (red ginseng)
  • Boto (health food)
  • Vycoz (eyewear)

Leading tourism brand:

  • Jeju Island (tourist attraction)

Jin has been fulfilling his military duty since December 13, 2022. He is expected to return after completing his 18-month service in June of this year, 2024. Jin will be the first of the seven BTS members to complete his mandatory service.

The BTS group will return to the spotlight in June 2025 when all seven members complete their service.

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