BTS Jin’s solo album The Astronaut: How to pre-order, what does it include, and more

BTS Jin will release The Astronaut in October 28 (Image via Twitter/@coldplayxtra)
BTS Jin will release The Astronaut on October 28 (Image via Twitter/@coldplayxtra)

BTS Jin will release his solo album The Astronaut as a parting gift before entering the military. The album is all set to be released on October 28. Details regarding the album, pre-order, and more have also been revealed.

BIGHIT MUSIC has announced that The Astronaut will be available as a physical single album and there are two options available. Fans can start placing pre-orders online and at in-person retailers starting Wednesday, October 19, from 11 am KST. International ARMYs can also pre-order from American stores, including Target, Amazon, Walmart, etc.

BTS Jin’s solo album The Astronaut includes booklet, poster, photo cards, and more

BTS Jin’s solo album The Astronaut is dedicated to ARMYs as a farewell gift for them before he goes into the military.

Each version includes a Booklet (a different one in both versions), and a lyric card containing the verses of the track. The album also includes two different versions of postcards, posters, and CD-R. The physical album also includes a seal sticker in random two types out of the eight available options, a graphic sticker, and a photocard with a random one type out of each version’s two types.

The album shipping date is different for Korean and international ARMYs. For Korean retailers, it is October 28, for Japanese retailers shipped in orders from November 6, and finally for U.S. and European retailers, the date is December 2.

BIG HIT MUSIC also requested fans to contact their retailer to get more information about the album before purchasing it.

American ARMYs can purchase the album from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble and Weverse Shop USA. These purchases will be counted for the Billboard chart rankings.

Also, American ARMYs must make sure not to buy albums in bulk. Instead, fans can purchase 4 different types or versions of the same album if they want to contribute to the album sales of BTS.

Buying from Korean platforms like KTown4U and Weverse Shop Global won’t help BTS on the Billboard Charts since they are shipped from warehouses outside the U.S.

BTS Jin collaborated with Coldplay for The Astronaut

BTS Jin announced his solo album The Astronaut at the septet’s Busan concert and revealed he is collaborating with an artist he really likes. It was later confirmed that the British band Coldplay was collaborating with him on the new album.

The album announcement was followed by details of the pre-order, and a logo trailer was dropped featuring a lone astronaut traveling through space. BIG HIT MUSIC also confirmed that there are various promotional activities planned for BTS Jin’s solo album release.

The promotional schedule includes exciting events leading up to the release, including concept photos, a music video, and a lyrical video. The official poster will be released on October 20 at 12 am KST, concept photo on October 24, 25, and 26, followed by The Astronaut MV teaser on October 27, the official music video on October 28, and the lyrics video on October 31. The lyrics for the song have already been released.

On October 17, BIG HIT MUSIC announced BTS Jin will be enlisting in the military by the end of the month. All members of the group will be enlisting as well when their time comes.

Members will be focussing on their solo activities and promotions in the meantime and the group plans to reconvene by the year 2025 after their mandatory military enlistment ends.

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