BTS' Jung Kook melts ARMYs hearts as he reveals adorable habit of always appreciating good food

A still of the K-pop artist Jung Kook (Image via Instagram/@jungkook.97)
A still of the K-pop artist Jung Kook (Image via Instagram/@jungkook.97)

BTS' Jung Kook has made it a habit to get up every morning and melt his fans hearts.

The BTS maknae was on a camping trip recently where he revealed that he has a habit of constantly praising the food while eating if he really likes the taste.

The Golden Maknae took ARMYs worldwide on a virtual camping trip with him via his solo vlog.

Jung Kook whipped up some mouth-watering grilled pork belly. The singer was busy devouring the dish spoon after spoon, and kept throwing in compliments after every bite,

"This is really cool!"

In response, the RUN BTS director, who was camping with him, said,

"You’re really enjoying it."

That’s when the BTS member revealed that ever since he was a child, he has this habit of constantly praising delicious food while he's eating.

"When I eat good food, I keep saying it’s good. My dad said I was always like that…I was always like ‘This is good, this is good!’"
The BTS maknae savoring his food while on his camping vlog. (Images via Youtube/BangtanTV)
The BTS maknae savoring his food while on his camping vlog. (Images via Youtube/BangtanTV)

The TMI (too-much-information) was probably all that was needed for ARMYs to imagine a small Jung Kook eating his food in the most endearing way. Twitter remained flooded with fans gushing over the maknae's wholesome ways.

Jung Kook continues to melt fans hearts with his adorable antics

The BTS maknae is known for his good looks, talent, hard work, passion for his craft and amongst other things, his innocent charm. Despite a ferocious presence on stage, fans just can't get enough of how adorable he is off-stage.

Fans have also pointed out how he has a distinctly focused face that borders on anger when he is seriously enjoying his meals. Fans love seeing the satisfied look on his face and have compared his mukbang moments to therapy. The recent camping vlog by the K-pop idol gave fans several glimpses of his foodie self as he enjoyed every snack he had.

@starfess jungkook's cute angry face while eating delicious food 🥺

Unsurprisingly, ARMYs took to social media to send their love to the singer, whose shenanigans they just couldn't get enough of.

it warms my heart to know that jungkook has been visiting restaurants lately and i'm just wishing he's enjoying his time just as he deserves, and is eating so well, making that cute lil 😠 face to indicate that he's enjoying the food, and that non-stop "it's good! it's good!" 😞
jungkook's dad said that jungkook has been repeating "it's good!" while eating tasty food since he was little🥹
@Koreaboo Because there is none. Jungkook the most endearing person to ever walk on earth is a fact
@Koreaboo jungkook!!!💜🤗apart from him? no one comes close!!! 💜🤗
56 seconds of jungkook saying “it’s so good”
@Koreaboo No one else comes to mind but the very adorable and endearing bunny, it's Jeon Jungkook! 😍👌
jungkook talking about how he always says 맛있다
@Koreaboo @jaykayprotector Jungkook 😭😭😭He's so adorable and cute 😭😭😭STREAM LEFT AND RIGHT AND STAY ALIVE#LeftandRight by #CharliePuth and #Jungkook of @BTS_twt @charlieputh
jungkook enjoying his food and kept saying "it's so good" and making the staff laugh, even talked about how his dad said he has always been talkative while eating something good 🥹

Suffice it to say that the maknae's peculiar habits seem to have their own fan following. One of them being his unique eating habits. The golden maknae is famous for eating just about everything (most things dangerous).

eating namjoon's party hat😭
everyone talking and then theres jungkook eating the board😭😭
jungkook eating a piece of paper 😭
jungkook eating paint which was bought edible because they knew this would happen 😭

Jung Kook's latest song is a hit

BTS' Golden Maknae is flying high, earning massive praise for his recent collaborations.

Left and Right dropped on June 24, meaning it only took the video approximately 18 days and a couple of more hours to surpass 100 million views.


The music video, coupled with the lyrics and Jung Kook and Charlie Puth's flawless singing, hit all the right notes and left the listeners wanting more.

The song landed on Billboard's Hot 100 for the fifth straight week. Left and Right stationed itself at number 47, moving up four spots from last week.

Not only that, Left and Right also debuted at number 50 on Billboard's Radio Songs chart and, maintaining its position at number 37 on Billboard's Digital Song Sales chart, landed at number 14 on the Global Excl. U.S. chart and number 17 on the Global 200 this week.

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