Chef Ryan McKeown's feud continues with Aesha Scott and Captain Jason in Below Deck Down Under's mid-season trailer

Ryan McKeown of Below Deck Down Under (Image via Instagram/chefryanmckeown)
Ryan McKeown of Below Deck Down Under (Image via Instagram/chefryanmckeown)

Peacock’s Below Deck Down Under is set to bring more drama with its upcoming episode. Chef Ryan Mckeown’s tussle with the rest of the crew has been the center of irresistible drama on deck.

In the previous episode, he was seen arguing with Chief Stew Aesha Scott. The feud will continue in the upcoming episode releasing on April 21, with Captain Jason Chambers joining in.

Below Deck Down Under features a group of passionate deck members onboard the My Thalassa yacht. Filmed in Australia's tropical Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef, the show captures the yachties as they try to manage their personal lives and professional lessons.

McKeown’s feud with Aesha Scott and Captain Jason will receive more heat on Below Deck Down Under episode 8

Aesha Scott venting to Brittini Burton (Image via Bravo TV)
Aesha Scott venting to Brittini Burton (Image via Bravo TV)

Chef Ryan will get on everyone’s nerves in the upcoming episode of Below Deck Down Under. Things will get especially ugly with Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott. Ryan starts to shout at stewardess Magda Ziomek’s face for being friendly with Scott, saying,

"You're two-faced as f**k!"

This brings Aesha to tears and, as shown in the trailer, she goes to her bunk, sobbing to deckhand Brittini Burton. She says,

"I really pride myself on how hard I work."

The beef between Ryan and Aesha caught fire in the sixth episode of the show. They argued over a guest demanding muesli. To this, Ryan shouts at Aesha for not being prepared for charter guest requests.

A tussle is also set to erupt between the chef and the captain of MY Thalassa. The two were seen in a heated argument where Ryan says,

"Let me finish my dinner and you can talk all you want."

To this, captain Jason loses his cool and warns the chef, saying,

"No, no, now listen, I don't want your attitude. I'm your captain. If you want to bring it up three decibels, I'll bring it up to four!"

Moreover, captain Jason has become so intolerant of Ryan that he is considering looking for a backup chef in case things get out of hand.

However, the existing chef will create more chaos as he is seen breaking beer bottles in complete rage during a wild altercation in a nightclub. His deck members were extremely shocked by his behavior at the club as they stood in a corner watching him throw Corona bottles at them.

With every episode, fans are also becoming more intolerant of Ryan’s behavior. Many took to Twitter to express their dislike for him.

Apart from McKeown’s rage, episode 8 will also feature tension between Bosun Jamie Sayed and Captain Jason, and a romance between Brittini and Culver Bradbury.

Viewers will be able to watch Below Deck Down Under episode 8 on April 21 at 3.00 am ET.

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