Crash Course in Romance’s first script reading displays exciting chemistry between stars Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho

Crash Course in Romance (image via @tvN)
Crash Course in Romance (image via @tvN)

tvN’s upcoming K-drama Crash Course in Romance had its first script-reading, and it displayed electrifying chemistry. With a star-studded cast comprising Jeon Do-young, Jung Kyung-ho, Lee Bong-ryun, Oh Eui-sik, Shin Jae-ha, Noh Yoon Seo, Jang Young-nam, Kim Su, and Hwang Bo-ra, the show promises to win over audiences with a refreshing narrative.

Crash Course in Romance will see Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho play the leads. In this drama, characters will learn how to deal with the never-ending pressure of admission tests via a plot that is both lovely and intriguing despite its serious subject matter.

The narrative revolves around a bittersweet scandal between a renowned teacher at one of Korea's most prestigious private schools and the owner of a side dish store entering the rat race of entrance exams.

“I will try my best to make the filming a fun experience for everyone”: Director Yoo Jae-won on the upcoming production of Crash Course in Romance

Besides the cast of Crash Course in Romance, Director Yoo Jae-won and script-writer Yang Hee-seung also attended the first script reading.

Inaugurating the session, Yoo Jae-won made a statement to all the members, saying:

“I feel reassured to see all the actors and staff gathered together in one place. I will try my best to make the filming a fun experience for everyone.”

Yang Hee-seung added to this greeting and said:

“I hope everyone will be safe and happy all throughout filming. I will also work hard to finish the script until the end.”

Once the script reading began, the actors immediately got into their characters and performed with the same level of passion as if the actual shoot was ongoing. Despite this being their first time working together, there was astonishing coordination and sync between the cast.

The Good Wife's Jeon Do-yeon, returning to the screen for a romantic K-drama after a long hiatus, is set to captivate the audience with her charm and confidence.

Jeon Do-yeon wowed with her outstanding portrayal of Nam Haeng-sun, a former national athlete turned passionate leader of the National Representative Side Dish Shop. The latter is a resolute individual who refuses to apologize for her stance or decisions even if she is physically and emotionally spent.

Depicting the character Choi Chi-yeol, Korea's top math teacher, Jung Kyung-ho put on a great performance. In very little time, Hospital Playlist's star Jung Kyung-ho became completely absorbed in the role of his character, who is not only skilled but also a brilliant talker and lavish showman.

Through his immaculate delivery of complex mathematical formulas and great teaching nous, the actor vividly conveyed a range of Choi Chi Yeol's endearing qualities, including sensitivity, professionalism, and intelligence.

Crash Course in Romance will premiere in January 2023.

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