“Dance King” BTS’ Jimin graces the cover of a special book “K-pop Dance: Fandoming yourself on Social Media”

BTS' Jimin posing for the concept photo of Butter (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)
BTS' Jimin posing for the concept photo of Butter (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)

BTS’ Jimin is “Dance King” for a reason and ARMYs are well aware of his incredible talent.

Having trained in different kinds of dance styles like contemporary, popping and modern, Jimin worked hard to train himself in the K-pop style of dancing and hip-hop to fit into BTS’s dance line and today is considered among the top three dancers in all of K-pop.

His widespread popularity and unrivaled talent that has earned him the title “Dance King” and “King of K-pop” amongst fans across the world.

Hence, it's not surprising that BTS’ Jimin made an appearance in the first book ever on K-pop dance theory in the U.S. Not only was Jimin referenced in the book, but his image from one of his iconic performances graced the cover of the special book titled, K-pop Dance: Fandoming yourself on Social Media.

ARMY heap praises on BTS’ Jimin for being a true representative of Bangtan amongst international fans

The author of the book K-pop Dance: Fandoming yourself on Social Media, professor Chuyun Oh lavished praise on BTS’ Jimin and his dance.

Professor Chuyun Oh also mentioned that Jimin’s incredible dancing skills have blurred the lines between Western and Asian dance forms, as well as between classical and contemporary dance.

The author used Jimin's legendary I Need You solo stage performance at the 2019 Melon Music Awards as the official introduction of the book in a lecture series by the Dance Studies Association.

Notably, this image is the same one that can be seen as having been referenced on the book's cover as well. Another iconic image was from his Black Swan performance.

ARMYs believe that BTS’ Jimin is a true representative of the group amongst international audiences. Fans are of the opinion that Jimin is also one of the most recognized members of BTS for non-ARMYs.

Since the book's release in July, it has drawn a lot of interest, ranking at number one in the New Release of Communication and Pop Dance section on Amazon.

Fans are happy that BTS’ Jimin gracing the cover of this special book has reinforced his legacy and his impact on K-pop across the world.

BTS’ Jimin shows his full support to member j-hope at Lollapalooza

Jimin proved that he is indeed the best dongsaeng (younger sibling) to j-hope as he traveled all the way to Chicago to cheer for j-hope for his debut performance at Lollapalooza.

Dressed in a dark denim outfit, ARMYs could see Jimin vibing to j-hope’s performance showing complete support for him.

j-hope thanked Jimin on V-live after his performance, thanking him for keeping the promise he made months ago.

After j-hope finished his set, Jimin made sure to greet ARMYs who had just finished watching the show.

BTS members are currently on a break from group activities and will be uniting to compose a special song for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and will host a global concert in Busan.

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