Deep Fake Neighbour Wars review 2023: Why are fans calling the ITV show “scarily realistic”?

Fans call Deep Fake Neighbour Wars scarily realistic
Fans call Deep Fake Neighbour Wars scarily realistic (Image via Instagram/@rancinelewisofficial)

Deep Fake Neighbour Wars, ITV’s new comedy show, gives viewers impression comedy with a twist.

In the show, deepfake voices are used by famous celebrities as they embody civilians going about their everyday neighborly disputes. Fans have taken to social media to call the show “scarily realistic” because it portrays how easily people can be fooled by others with nefarious intentions.

Ya’ll #DeepFakeNeighbourWars is scarily realistic 🤣😭

The series sees Eldris Elba portrayed as a barman, handyman, delivery driver, and more who is in a fight with his neighbor, Kim Kardashian. Other celebrities appearing on the show include Conor McGregor, Ariana Grande, Tom Holland, Lorraine Kelly, Mathew McConaughey, and others.

Fans react to ITV’s Deep Fake Neighbour Wars

ITV's six-part comedy series, Deep Fake Neighbour Wars features celebrities presenting themselves as people engaging in petty neighborly conflicts that people witness and are engaged in on a daily basis. While the show aims to provide humor and laughter to the audience, fans took to social media to talk about how realistic and scary the show is.

Some users commented on every celebrity's performance and said that the show was quite convincing. Others believed that Simon Cowell's performance on Deep Fake Neighbour Wars wasn't as convincing.

@ITVX #DeepFakeNeighbourWars,Very convincing!!!!Apart from @SimonCowell 👎

Some took to Twitter to talk about the fourth episode that saw Floyd Mayweather and Dua Lipa fighting with Matthew McConaughey about a big backyard tree. They claimed that the mockumentary was hilarious and that they loved the voiceovers.

Bruuuuuv this was hilarious the floyd needed that light 👏🏿😂💦🌳🔦 great voiceover and acting by @travisjayent on this 1 #DeepFakeNeighbourWars

Kim Kardashian also makes an appearance on Deep Fake Neighbour Wars and is in a neighborly war with Eldris Elba over a common garden area.

The Guardian said about their on-screen interaction:

"First, he finds towels hanging off his pergola. Two days later, a paddling pool. Then one of those rotary washing lines with a squeak “that went right through me”, says Idris with a shudder. As for bus driver Kim, having a garden to call her own is “a huge blessing” and she refuses to stop sunbathing in it. Let the neighbour wars begin!"
#deepfakeneighbourwars is very scary. It’s very good, but it shows how easily we could be fooled by those with nefarious intentions. #deepfake

Making an appearance on the show is environmental activist Greta Thunberg, presenting herself as a mother. A promo clip showed her having an issue with Christmas decorations that her neighbors refuse to take down.

Has anyone here seen that #DeepFakeNeighbourWars ? Oh my days, it’s ace! Greta Thunberg and her baby ‘Algae’ 😂😂😂

While some viewers found the show absolutely hilarious, others believed that it wasn’t the greatest production. One user stated that even though it’s bad, they can’t stop watching it.

#deepfakeneighbourwars It's so bad! Why can I not stop watching??

Users commented on the lack of jokes in Deep Fake Neighbours but noted that they like the concept of the show.

I love the concept of #DeepFakeNeighbourWars on @ITVX and kudos to ITV for commissioning... BUT, as with most current comedies, there were not enough jokes. As a person. who consumes a lot of trash, some of the impressions are very off. Takes you out of it. 📺📺/5
I was looking forward to #Deepfakeneighbourwars . Finally the technology being used for the best purpose. But sadly these impressionists being made to look like the celebrities they're voicing just makes it even more obvious that they sound nothing like them #impressions
They spent all the budget on the tech, but forgot to make it funny #itv #DeepFakeNeighbourWars #ITVX

All six episodes of season one of the show aired on Thursday, January 26, 2023, and featured a number of celebrities including Tyson Fury, Cardi B, Harry Kane, Stormzy, and Gal Gadot, among others.

The show is created by Spencer Jones and produced by Tiger Aspect Productions. Viewers can stream all six episodes on ITVX.

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