"Disgusting": Why are 1000-lb Sisters fans slamming Tammy's mother in episode 7?

Darlene refuses to be there for her daughter
Darlene refuses to be there for her daughter's big operation (Image via TLC)

Episode 7 of 1000-lb Sisters season 4, titled Proof is in the Pudding, aired on TLC on Tuesday, February 28, at 9 pm ET.

In the episode, Tammy finally had her weight-loss surgery. The operation was supposed to cut 80% of her stomach and 30% of her small intestine. All of Tammy's family members traveled to Lexington, Kentucky, from Ohio to encourage and support her. They were also worried about the risks associated with the surgery.

However, Tammy's own mother, Darlene, refused to visit her daughter before the surgery. Amy tried to convince her, but Darlene said that she needed to be there for her "babies," aka her dogs.

Amy suggested that someone else could take care of them for just one day, but Darlene refused, as felt that Amy would have to stay for more than a night if something went wrong, which would leave her "babies" alone for quite some time.

Amy was shocked by this and said in a confessional that she might even sell her own home if her kids ever needed her in any corner of the world. Darlene also said that the trip would be way too long for her, given the condition of her legs. She added that she was hoping not to receive any bad news after the surgery, but it was all in "god's will."

1000-lb Sisters fans slammed Darlene for not supporting her daughter on the day she was supposed to get such a big operation.

1000-lb Sisters fans call out Darlene for choosing her dogs over her daughter

Darlene said in a confessional that she was proud of Tammy for her hard work, adding that everything was now upto God. Tammy's other family members supported her in-person with posters and waited for her at the clinic.

1000-lb Sisters fans were glad that Tammy had her siblings to support her and criticized Darlene for not going to the hospital.

What else happened on 1000-lb Sisters season 4 episode 7?

TLC's description of the episode read:

"After years of struggling, Tammy finally has her weight loss surgery, but things are not as straightforward as expected; Amy meets with Dr. Procter and gets an ambitious weight loss goal."

This week, Tammy successfully had her weight-loss surgery. The doctor said that Tammy's anatomy made them take a little more time than usual, but everything turned out fine. Her brother Chris was happy for her but was concerned that she would have 14 days of slow recovery and would have to re-learn how to eat.

Amy spoke to her own doctor as she wanted to get back on her weight-loss track after giving birth to her second son.

She had previously not followed the plans given by the doctor and was hoping that the latter would not get upset with her weight. She was advised to give up on dairy products, but the doctor did not recommend another surgery.

1000-lb Sisters air on TLC every Tuesday at 9 pm ET.

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