ENHYPEN’s Jake “felt honored” when his lyrics were chosen for SHOUT OUT

ENHYPEN’s Jake gives fans an insight into his track, SHOUT OUT (Image via @enhypen/Instagram)
ENHYPEN’s Jake gives fans an insight into his track, SHOUT OUT (Image via @enhypen/Instagram)

For ENGENEs, the latest comeback held more importance as it marked the debut of ENHYPEN’s Jake as a lyricist. The 19-year-old Korean-Australian rapper shared his emotions of hearing the company's decision to select his words for the track.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, Jake dished on how SHOUT OUT came to him, the guidance he was given, and how he felt when his lyrics were selected for the final making of the song.

"I remember when I first got the demo, the [producers] told us this song was going to be the song where we can really connect with our fans, so when writing the lyrics I was really imagining interacting with ENGENEs and performing in front of them. When I heard that my lyrics got chosen, I was very honored."

The idol's hard work paid off, as fans instantly loved the track and trended it for hours on Twitter too.

ENHYPEN’s Jake talks about the inspiration behind his first track as a lyricist

When BELIFT LAB released the tracklist for MANIFESTO: DAY 1 on June 26, fans immediately went berserk. Songs on the album aside, what pleasantly surprised fans was seeing Jake credited as one of the lyricists on the track SHOUT OUT.

In a recent interview, ENHYPEN’s Jake talked about how his first lyrics credit came about. He mentioned that the inspiration was "imagining interacting with ENGENEs." He shared that he wrote the lyrics thinking of the kind of performances the group will put up for the fans and interact with them.

For a group that debuted during the pandemic, imagining a scenario with fans is all the more important and precious. In other words, ENGENEs were a major source of inspiration for ENHYPEN’s Jake to put his best foot forward as the group’s lyricist.

In another interview with SBS Power FM, the 19-year-old rapper shared that his parents were the first people he broke the exciting news to. The idol had earlier shared his desire to attempt production, songwriting and composing.

ENHYPEN’s Jake is also the first member to be credited as a lyricist. Fans who had seen Jake’s journey from the very beginning in I-LAND, to debuting as ENHYPEN, saying they were proud of the 19-year-old for being the group’s lyricist would be an understatement.

They celebrated the achievement on Twitter. Check out some reactions below.

Additionally, all seven members took part in the album’s creation one way or the other, shared the group’s leader Jungwon.

“All the members participated in the album making, from lyric writing and production to the storyline.”

Jungwon also commented that all seven members want to shed the image of ‘a group made through a show,’ when discussing the powerful, extremely confident image of MANIFESTO: DAY 1.

“We still have that image, a group made through this show and we want to really shed that. I think those thoughts are really well contained in this album.”

Meanwhile, MANIFESTO: DAY 1, released on July 4, 2022, once again proved ENHYPEN’s global influence. The album recorded 1.24 million sales in the first week of its release. The group also announced their first world tour commencing in September 2022.

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