Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s Park Eun-Bin dominates actor’s Brand Reputation for September

Star of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun-bin (image via @IMDb)
Star of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun-bin (image via @IMDb)

Brand Reputation Rankings for September have been released by the Korean Business Institute and Park Eun-Bin has swept the charts.

The sensational actress of the internationally acclaimed K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has left a lasting impression as she continues to dominate the Brand Reputation Charts even weeks after the show's conclusion.

The Korean Business Institute formulates this monthly ranking list with data analysis of 50 actors who starred in K-dramas that aired between August 12 and September 12 and their media coverage, participation, engagement, and community indices.

The production team waited for her for a year and it was so worth it. No one could have done woo young woo as precisely as Park eun bin..#ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo…

With a brand reputation rating of 8,356,154 for September, Park Eun Bin came in first place this month. "Fans meeting," "ad," and "Netflix" were among the actress' top-ranking keywords, and "happy," "beautiful," and "awarded" were among her top-ranking linked terms. Park Eun Bin's positivity-negativity analysis also indicated a score of 90.84 percent favorable reactions.

Lee Jong Suk, Kang Tae and others in Top 5 of Actors Brand Reputation Ranking

Bagging second position in the September edition of KBI’s Brand Reputation Index is Lee Jong-Suk, who received a brand reputation index of 4,508,422.The phenomenal star of Romance is a Bonus Book is currently featuring as the lead in MBC’s ongoing drama Big Mouth.

Big Mouth is a noir K-drama featuring Girls' Generation's YoonA and Lee Jong-Suk. It's about a struggling lawyer who becomes involved in a homicide investigation. In order to live and save his family, he delves into a massive conspiracy among the wealthy upper class.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s star Kang Tae-Oh, who won several hearts with his phenomenal portrayal of heartwarming lead Lee Jun-ho, ranked third with an index of 4,411,196. Lee Jun-Ho is Attorney Woo's colleague at Hanbada Advocates. He quickly befriends Woo-Young and soon develops a more intimate bond with her. What sets Jun-Ho apart is his incredibly empathetic and caring nature.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo marked the biggest turning point in Tae-Oh’s career as it brought him immense international limelight and made him a heartthrob across nations.

Jung So-Min, star of Because This is My First Life, followed Kang Tae-Oh on the list with an index of 3,103,448.

Following her and closing the top five was Lee Jae-wook, who secured a brand reputation index of 2,970,884. Jung So-Min and Lee Jae-wook are the protagonists of the popular K-drama Alchemy of Souls, which recently concluded its part one and is set to return in December 2022 with its second part.

Alchemy of Souls is a periodic fantasy drama set in the fictional land of Daeho. The show follows the life of two mages whose lives and fate get intertwined due to a dangerous magic spell called alchemy of souls which permits souls to transfer bodies. It premiered on tvN on June 18 and has since aired twenty episodes. The first part of the series concluded on Sunday, August 28, 2022.

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