"Still can't stand Olajuwon": Fans skeptical of Olajuwan's relationship with Katina on Married at First Sight

Katina and Olajuwan deal with some turbulence on Married at First Sight (Image via mafslifetime/ Instagram)
Katina and Olajuwan deal with some turbulence on Married at First Sight (Image via mafslifetime/ Instagram)

Lifetime's Married at First Sight couple Katina and Olajuwan were excited and had undeniable chemistry at the altar. Fans loved the vows and the couple looked happy getting married. Olajuwan even went down on one knee to propose to Katina during their wedding.

After their marriage on Married at First Sight, Olajuwan could not stop talking about how beautiful Katina looked but Katina looked a little overwhelmed with his over-the-top personality. Three episodes later, fans were skeptical of Olajuwan's intentions with Katina on Married at First Sight.

There were numerous instances throughout the course of the three episodes that made the fans doubt their relationship. One fan tweeted,

"Yeah, still can’t stand Olajuwon. #MAFSBoston #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight"

Married at First Sight couple Katina and Olajuwan faced obstacles in their journey

After the wedding, it was a tough path to walk on for the couple with many obstacles in their way. The first one came up when Katina's friends met with Olajuwan to discuss his intentions.


Olajuwan tried to get to know Katina's close friends but was met with striking questions about his intentions with Katina. The meeting almost ended in an explosive argument, leaving the friends extremely discouraged about Katina's future with Olajuwan.

The conversation started to take a turn for the worse when Olajuwan said that he joined the show because he wanted to try something new. Friends saw this as a major red flag and questioned his seriousness in all of this. One of her friends said,

"There has to be something you want out of the process... it's either you really believe in the process... or you have ulterior motives.'

Fans were skeptical of Olajuwan and his intentions too.

I realllllly can’t tell if Olajuwan is genuine or not. Because I’m kinda feeling them two together but let me not regret saying that #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS
Here's what Olajuwan about to bring to the table #MarriedAtFirstSight
Is it just me? I don’t have that much faith in #olajuwan #MarriedAtFirstSight
I sense the same thing about Olajuwan that her brother did. I don't like him. #MarriedAtFirstSight

Katina and Olajuwan spend some alone time on Married at First Sight

Fans raise red flags for Olajuwan (Image via mafslifetime/ Instagram)
Fans raise red flags for Olajuwan (Image via mafslifetime/ Instagram)

In episode 5 of the show, Katina admitted that she would rather be by the pool but chose the gym to oblige with Olajuwan's request. Katina began to regret the experience as Olajuwan became a little too intense and judgemental throughout the session. For fans this was nothing but red flags all over.

That whole workout scene with Olajuwon 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight
Olajuwon needed to pump the breaks at the gym. He was too intense with Katina. He was not her personal trainer. He couldn’t read the room that he was making her uncomfortable. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS
Olajuwon at the gym. He needs to take it down a couple of notches #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight #MarriedAtFirstSightBoston

Olajuwan's openness about his past as a player and his preference for different forms of relationships made everyone awkward on the boat while playing Never Have I Ever. Fans also failed to understand the point of that conversation.

Me when OLAJUWON brings up the threesome conversation again after wifey said hell naw like 5+ times so drop it please #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight #MarriedAtFirstSightBoston
Why the hell is Olajuwon bringing up a threesome 3 DAYS after getting married? #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

During the couple's private dinner on Married at First Sight, Katina made sure to make her preferences clear. Olajuwan assured her that she’s the only woman he needs. When they got back to the resort, Olajuwan prepared a romantic night with rose petals, candles, and champagne only for Katina to realize that she was falling in love with him.

Fans were very skeptical of Olajuwan's intentions after this specific episode.

It's cute that Katina is fallng for Olajuwon but I'm concerned. She needs to tread lightly. I know his type- too much talk and no actions. They are not to be trusted. #MarriedAtFirstSight
Uh oh, Katina is falling for Olajuwon's BS#MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight
Katina, u don’t gotta do all this in defense of olijiwan, he is wak and will eventually embarrass you. #MarriedAtFirstSight
Olajuwon is absolutely a wierdo!!! Katina needs to run…. Olajuwon is a walking red flag! #MarriedAtFirstSight
Katina is gonna leave Olajuwon. Dude is lame & he talks too much about his past. Women don't wanna hear about that stuff#mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight

Episode 5 of Married At First Sight Season 14 also saw many other couples having a tough time, including Mark and Lindsey, as well as Jasmina and Michael.

The show airs every Wednesday at 8.00pm ET on Lifetime.

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