Fans suspect a possible collaboration between Charlie Puth and BTS 

A still of the global artists (Image via @charlieputh/@labels.hybe/Twitter/Instagram)
A still of the global artists (Image via @charlieputh/@labels.hybe/Twitter/Instagram)

Over the years, K-pop superstar BTS has successfully added many celebrity fans to their list. From American singers Lizzo and Halsey to Hollywood stars like Simon Pegg, multiple A-list celebrities have hopped onto the BTS bandwagon.

Most recently, American singer Charlie Puth, too, has been dropping some hints, but it is unclear if the artist wants to collaborate with the septet or is simply admiring their worldwide talent.

Charlie Puth was seen sharing pictures and videos of the K-pop boy group’s recent visit to the White House to meet President Joe Biden to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes, in addition to Asian inclusion. With the group making headlines, Charlie also shared group member Jungkook’s pictures on his Instagram.

These small bits of indirect interaction have made fans wonder and believe that a possible collaboration between the two mega-pop artists might be in talks.

Charlie Puth reshares BTS Jungkook's pictures on Instagram and more

On May 31, American singer and songwriter Charlie Puth was seen sharing multiple pieces of content on his official Instagram account regarding the K-pop boy group BTS. Charlie Puth shared a snippet of the group’s recent visit to the White House where the seven-member band addressed the issue of anti-Asian hate crimes and celebrated AANHPI Heritage month.

On the same day, the American singer also liked a post shared by group member Jungkook, who recently resumed posting content on his official Instagram account. The K-pop idol also happens to be a part of Charlie Puth’s mutual on Instagram and has recently created ripples as the singer might be indicating something special with these repostings.

Charlie Puth reshared Jungkook’s latest black and white picture that shows a busy street with people trying to get by and taxis driving around the city. Since the golden maknae is currently in the United States of America, the picture must be from one of the places he recently visited in the country.

With these recent bits of updates, fans of the K-pop boy group and American singer have taken to various social media platforms to express their excitement at a possible collaboration between the two artists. For quite some time Charlie has been referencing the septet in his social media content, however, it is unclear if a partnership between Charlie Puth and BTS is in the making.

Charlie Puth drops more collaboration hints

On April 28, 2022, Charlie Puth took to Twitter to tweet about a strange dream that included “BTS on Left & Right”. While fans thought that the tweet meant a possible collaboration between K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN, BTS and Charlie Puth, the speculations were incorrect as Charlie Puth was working on a new song titled Left & Right.

Though Charlie Puth’s track isn’t officially released and might still be in the process of production, many fans believe that Jungkook and Charlie might be secretly working together in New York as both posted pictures of the city on Instagram. Additionally, Jungkook was seen carrying a drum stick case while leaving Incheon International Airport for the US.

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