“Full-scale comeback promotion”: Fans excited as agency announces NCT: Dream Contact webtoon based on the group's album lore

SM Entertainment announces webtoon for NCT (Images via Twitter/NCTsmtown)
SM Entertainment announces webtoon for NCT (Images via Twitter/NCTsmtown)

On August 17, 2023, SM Entertainment revealed that they have joined hands with parent company Kakao to release a webtoon titled NCT: Dream Contact, which is based on their popular boy group NCT’s universe. Crafting a lore for K-pop groups is a recent phenomenon. However, it is one that fans welcomed with open arms as they got a packaged deal with music, comics, a detailed storyline, and much more to immerse themselves in the group’s activities.

With Kakao, NCT will now be entering the space to give fans visual treats and more details of their storyline. The webtoon's reaction was majorly positive, as it was just one of the many ways fans could enjoy their upcoming full-group comeback album titled Golden Age. NCT: Dream Contact will also include all the members of the group and is slated for a release on August 18, 10 pm KST.

SM Entertainment announces collaboration with Kakao for an NCT-universe webtoon titled NCT: Dream Contact, reveals release date

On August 17, 2023, SM Entertainment treated the NCTzen fandom by announcing the group’s worldview and lore in the form of a webtoon that is created in collaboration with Kakao. Titled NCT: Dream Contact, the webtoon is written and illustrated by three artists - ZQ, Kim Ho-ae, and Seo Geul.

As per the agency, the characters in NCT: Dream Contact “empathizes with each other through 'dreams' and becomes one through 'music'.” They also said:

“It contains a growth story in which the main characters overcome their fears through dreams, subconsciousness, and everyday experiences and move forward together.”

The webtoon will focus on the universe that NCT has built so far, including all its subunits - 127, DREAM, WayV, and DoJaeJung. Fans believed that the decision to include digital comics in their promotions. With NCT 2023 album promotions for Golden Age going on in full swing, fans loved the fact that they were also getting a web comic to take a deep dive in the group’s lore.

Fans’ reaction to the announcement of NCT: Dream Contact was over the moon. Although the news took some fans by surprise, many also liked the idea of it.

Additionally, SM Entertainment’s collaboration with Kakao will result in a web novel for the former’s upcoming rookie boy group RIIZE. Similar to the meaning behind their name, the group’s webtoon is titled RISE & REALIZE. The story is written by Kim Ho-ae and illustrated by NAKDI and Nogohn.

NCT: Dream Contact will be released on August 18 at 10 pm KST, while RISE & REALIZE will be released the following day on the Kakao Page.

In other news, NCT’s Taeil is currently on a medical hiatus as he sustained a fracture in his thigh due to a motorcycle accident. SM Entertainment broke the news on August 15, mentioning that the singer needs to undergo a surgery and rehabilitation for the same. As a result, he will be unable to participate in the upcoming group concert NCT NATION : To The World, which is scheduled for August 26.

NCT will make a group comeback with full-album Golden Age on August 28 at 6 pm KST. The group will pre-release one of their title tracks, Golden Age, on August 23. Another title track, Baggy Jeans, will be released with the album.

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