BTS Butter Funko Pop: Where to buy, preorder details, release date and all you need to know

Official snapshots of the septet's merchandise (Image via @OriginalFunko/Twitter)
Official snapshots of the septet's merchandise (Image via @OriginalFunko/Twitter)

Global K-pop sensation BTS recently returned to the K-pop music scene with a smashing new anthology album, Proof, on June 10, 2022. Despite the launch of the much-awaited album, the group also announced that they will be taking a short break to focus on solo projects.

Many fans and K-pop enthusiasts are supporting their decision to rest and focus on themselves. Meanwhile, a new range of Funko Pops of the septet’s single album Butter was recently launched with new looks and fresh styles.

Bring together all seven collectibles of BTS from ‘Butter’ as Funko POP! figures for your collection. Pre-order your collectibles or get them all in the Walmart exclusive 7-pack! #Funko #FunkoPOP #BTS @HYBE_MERCH @bts_bighit

The seven-member group has previously collaborated with the brand and has released various Funko Pops based on their pre-exisiting works. The brand has created detailed miniature versions of the group members with classic poses and recognisable outfits from their real-time official music videos.

Funko Pops releases upgraded versions of BTS-inspired Butter merchandise

For those unversed, Funko Pops are collectible figurines that illustrate characters or famous personalities within pop culture. The original Funko Pop figure was created with the following features and description:

The collectible is 3.75 to 4 inches tall and has a square-shaped head with round edges. Further, the Funko Pops have button-like black eyes with no pupils, a small nose and no mouth.

These characteristics are found in every Funko Pop and differ only in terms of costume or feature changes. Funko Pop enthusiasts have been collecting a wide range of these miniature figurines from Marvel collectibles and Harry Potter, to BTS.

New BTS' Butter Funko Pops are here for the ARMY

ARMYs get your wallets ready. Funko Pop recently updated its newly created array of BTS-inspired miniature figurines. On June 23, 2022, Funko Pops unveiled the new Butter collection on Twitter and showcased group members RM, Jin, SUGA, Jimin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook in their iconic outfits.

The figurine styles are from the 2021 Butter music video and have been crafted with a lot of skill. The impressive Funko Pops include the group members holding their legendary mugshot sign that poses with their names and birthdates written on them.

Fans interested in purchasing Funko Pop of individual group members can do so at Entertainment Earth. It is an online retailer that sells various action figurines, toys, and other collectibles.

At the same time, K-pop enthusiasts interested in the seven-pack set that includes every member of the K-pop boy group can rush to Walmart.

The individual member Funko Pops start at $11.99 USD while the seven-pack set containing all the seven members costs $83.88 USD. The BTS Funko Pop collection is currently only available for pre-orders, with individual Pop Rocks! shipping in October and the Walmart Exclusive set shipping in early December.

What can be Butter than this? 😉 @bts_bighit…

BTS’s Butter music video dropped in May 2021 and currently has 774 million views on YouTube. The song also successfully topped multiple international music charts with the septet performing their summer hitmaker single at the 64th Grammys Awards in 2022.

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