Gabbie Hanna exposed for allegedly liking a tweet supporting Curtis Lepore, who is guilty of assaulting Jessi Smiles

Gabbie Hanna accused of liking tweet in support of Curtis Lepore, who assaulted Jessi Smiles (Image via YouTube)
Gabbie Hanna accused of liking tweet in support of Curtis Lepore, who assaulted Jessi Smiles (Image via YouTube)

On June 7th, Gabbie Hanna was exposed for liking a tweet from 2014 in support of Curtis Lepore, who admitted to "sexually assaulting" Jessi Smiles in 2019.

30-year-old YouTuber Gabbie Hanna and 27-year-old former Vine star Jessi Smiles were close friends before the latter was assaulted by Curtis Lepore. Gabbie then came under fire for defending Curtis and beginning a feud with Jessi.


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Gabbie Hanna likes tweet in support of Curtis Lepore

Back in 2014, Curtis had posted a message to Twitter, claiming that there were "two sides to every story" in reference to his breakup with Jessi Smiles, which received over a thousand likes. This includes Gabbie Hanna.

Fans found this disrespectful towards Jessi Smiles, calling Gabbie out for enabling her alleged abuser. However, Gabbie previously denied liking any tweets.

Despite Gabbie previously stating that she never supported Curtis Lepore, her Twitter activity showed otherwise.

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Fans dissapointed in Gabbie Hanna

Fans were disappointed with Gabbie Hanna for liking the tweet.

People were angry with Gabbie for "defending her friend's attacker". Some even pointed out how odd it was for Gabbie to like the tweet, openly showing her perspective on the situation.

Others even called Gabbie "delusional" for trying to push the narrative of her innocence towards her fans.

Some even pointed out that this behavior from Gabbie was already foreshadowed by "sane people", implying that her fans were wrongly supporting her.

With the many controversies surrounding Gabbie Hanna, fans believe she is in need of a mental evaluation. Other YouTubers such as Trisha Paytas have also expressed their wishes for Gabbie to receive help.

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