George Floyd comparison explained as Kanye West’s apology sparks further online backlash

George Floyd apologized for his comments on George Floyd
Kanye West apologized for his comments on George Floyd's death (Image via Mega/Getty Images)

Kanye West recently apologized for his comments on George Floyd’s death on October 28, where he said that fentanyl led to Floyd’s demise. While speaking to The Daily Mail, he said,

“When I see that video as a Black person, it hurts my feelings. And I know that police do attack and America is generally racist. And I understand that when we got to say Black Lives Matter, that the idea of it made us feel good together as a people, right?”
Kanye West 'apologizes' to 'Black people' for George Floyd comments. Says after what Adidas and the media are doing 'I know how it feel to have a knee on my neck now.'

Ye continued that he hurt his people when he questioned the death of George Floyd. He said he wanted to apologize since God showed him what Adidas and the media are doing and how it feels to have a knee on his neck now. Speaking about the loss that he has faced in the last few days, he said,

“So thank you God for humbling me and letting me know how it really felt. Because how could the richest Black man ever be humbled other than to be made to not be a billionaire in front of everyone off of one comment.”

Ye ended by speaking about the antisemitic statements and displaying a spreadsheet on his phone that had the names of Jewish executives operating the best media outlets. Kanye said that the Jewish executives were marked red and he had experiences where it felt like he was being teamed up on and never realized that the term would be considered antisemitic.


Kanye West accused a Jewish doctor of wrongly stating that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and that his issues would increase if he did not take the prescribed medication. He mentioned that he would have died from an overdose like Michael Jackson or Prince.

Kanye West faces backlash on Twitter for his apology

Kanye West invited trouble for himself by commenting on George Floyd’s death. This resulted in him losing a few deals and his net worth also decreased. Now his apology for the same has received a negative reaction on Twitter where people said that he might repeat the mistakes again.

No, Kanye West, I don’t accept your apology because it’s not Sincere!You only coming out now because you losing lots of money.And if you really wanted to apologize, you would apologize to all communities. You can’t go around slandering and demeaning other Races😡😡😡😡
Kanye West’s apology for his antisemitic tirade and what he said about George Floyd has got to be the worst apology in the history of ever. Oh. My. Goodness.
Kanye West is being cancelled out of existence. His apology and clarification for the statements he made does not matter. He is being stripped naked, every single business deal gone.Yeezys
The Kanye west apology video about George Floyd is WILD. Dude said because he lost contracts and deals he now knows what it feels like to have a knee on your neck like George Floyd. Fam what?!! WHAT??!!!
Even if @kanyewest decides to do the whole apology tour (Like many are forced to do in order to protect their $ and other cases life) he was still speaking FACTs when he mentioned so called black people being the REAL Jews…
But where is @kanyewest apology to the black community? The Jewish community weren’t the only ones offended by your nonsense!
Kanye West’s apology was very much expected. The Jewish community is humbling him so he’s desperately looking for allies. He wants support from the same Black community he’s been embarrassing. This guy is a narcissistic sociopath
Kanye West’s apology to black people is NOT accepted. @kanyewest
Kanye West's apology tour. He's not sorry for his comments, he's sorry because the consequences he's faced.
@yefanatics As a black person, apology not accepted! Kanye west will say offensive shit about black people and when white people come for him, he remembers he is black and need his community!

While appearing on the podcast Drink Champs, Ye said that George Floyd died from fentanyl and the cop’s knee was not on Floyd’s neck like that. The comments came after watching Candace Owens’ documentary The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM, which was based on Black Likes Matter.

Ye also compared Floyd to fashion designer Virgil Abloh, who died in November 2021. He stated that the Jewish media tried to keep his mouth closed. Before all this, Kanye West was also criticized for wearing a White Lives Matter shirt to an event with Candace Owens.

Kanye West has lost a few deals due to his comments which reduced his net worth (Image via Stephane Cardinale/Getty Images)
Kanye West has lost a few deals due to his comments which reduced his net worth (Image via Stephane Cardinale/Getty Images)

West recently gained recognition after losing his status as a billionaire following the end of his partnership with Adidas.

Around $1.5 billion of his earnings were from his deal with Adidas and he earned a lot from his music catalog, real estate holdings, liquid cash, and a 5% stake in his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand Skims.


Kanye West’s net worth has now been reduced from $2 billion to $400 million. His deal with Adidas ended after he claimed that the company would not end the deal and he has a contract with the company. The contract was being reconsidered when the backlash began on Twitter.

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