"Go to therapy": Summer House MV fans slam Jordan as she has a breakdown in front of everyone

Fans think Jordan has some serious issues (Image via Bravo)
Fans think Jordan has some serious issues (Image via Bravo)

Episode 7 of Summer House MV, which aired on Bravo on Sunday, June 18, was very intense for the cast as Jordan cried in front of everyone for being s*xualized. She has made it clear that she does not want to date anyone, revealing that she had been practicing celibacy for the past year. Jordan celebrated her achievement on the show and was concerned about how she was being perceived for being a former play-bunny.

That is why when Alex brought up the rumor that Jordan was sleeping with Preston, she started to attack him by saying that she did not question his veganism. She also reminded him that he had a couple of drinks in the summer, which he had planned not to take, but she herself had not broken her promise of celibacy.

Jordan started to cry and asked Alex why he always tried to se*ualize her when she had never posed like that. The men apologized to her for their remarks and Jordan admitted that her breakout was due to several issues. Even Jasmine admitted that if someone googled Jordan's name, her inappropriate images were available everywhere so she hoped Jordan got over that issue.

Summer House MV fans felt that the boys did nothing wrong and Jordan had some serious issues to get over, so they asked her to go to therapy.

Summer House MV fans slam Jordan for accusing others

Jordan did not shy away from bringing up the fact that Amir had told everyone he was interested in her and would love to flirt with her.

She said she was tired of not having any say and always landing in the middle of chaos with no one to support her. Amir walked away from the room as he had never objectified Jordan and did not want to fight her.

Summer House MV fans slammed Jordan for her accusations and felt that she herself needed to work on some serious issues.

Amir apologized to Jordan privately

Amir walked away from the room after Jordan's breakdown and called his friend to tell him about what had happened. He said that he could not even defend himself even when he was not at fault.

Later, he talked to Jordan in the kitchen and assured her that he had never se*ualized her. He even apologized to her and the two hugged, sorting out their issues. However, Amir made it clear that he was not at all going to come into a relationship with her after her accusations.

Summer House MV airs on Bravo every Sunday at 8 pm ET.

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