Go Yoon-Jung's agency has threatened legal action over derogatory comments and doctored images

Go Yoon-jung (image via @goyounjung/Instagram)
Go Yoon-jung (image via @goyounjung/Instagram)

Go Yoon-jung’s agency MAA Entertainment has warned that they will pursue legal action against malicious posts. On January 5, the agency issued a statement saying they will be pursuing legal action against perpetrators who have been spreading derogatory remarks, morphed images, negative remarks and doctored images of the actress online.

MAA Entertainment, the agency of Actress #GoYounJung released a statement that they will take a strong legal action against false information and malicious editing of their artist’ photos that circulated on various online community bulletin boards. #고윤정

On January 4, an anonymous user posted a picture claiming to be a high school photo of the Alchemy of Soul star and the same quickly went viral. The person in the claimed photo of the actress appeared different, which led fans to assume the actress had undergone plastic surgery.

The allegation was however swiftly refuted when a netizen stated that her friend had gone to the same school as Go Yoon-jung and showed that the photographs in the original netizen’s post had been modified.

This prompted MAA Entertainment to issue a stern warning against such fake news maligning the artist's reputation.

In a statement issued on January 5, the agency thanked fans for their unwavering support for Go Yoon-jung. It commenced with a heartfelt expression of gratitude towards the fans who stood by the artist when the edited image was being circulated on the internet.

The statement read:

“Hello, this is MAA Entertainment.First of all, we would like to thank the fans for supporting and loving our artist Go Yoon Jung.Currently, false information, maliciously edited photos, and posts attacking our artist’s character are indiscriminately spreading on various community bulletin boards and social media.”

Continuing, the statement, they addressed the perpetrators who posted malicious comments and further spread the morphed image which defamed the artist.

The agency made it sternly clear that there would be zero tolerance for any false information which degraded the artist and those slandering the artist would face legal action. It read:

“In this regard, we would like to inform you that we will take strong legal action against malicious posts and comments of slander, false information, and defamation with our artist as the subject.”

The agency also iterated that their artist’s best interests and well-being is top priority and they will continue to do everything to support them and protect them from harm. It concluded:

“We will continue to do our best to protect our artists, and we would like to thank everyone once again for always supporting and caring for Go Yoon Jung.Thank you.”
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Go Yoon-jung is a model and actress who is currently under contract with MAA Entertainment. She made her debut in the acting world in the 2019 television series He Is Psychometric. Yoon-jung quickly rose to prominence for the supporting role she played in the Netflix series Sweet Home, which premiered in 2020.

She is well-known for her roles in the television dramas Law School (2021) and Alchemy of Souls (2022). Her latest blockbuster production was the movie Hunt, which premiered in 2022.

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