"He got scammed": Fans react as Kim Taehyung wasn't given what he was promised before the filming of Jinny's Kitchen

Featuring Kim Taehyung (Image via btspicsfolder/X)
Featuring Kim Taehyung (Image via btspicsfolder/X)

On December 8, 2023, BTS' Kim Taehyung was surprised by the actor Park Seo-joon and Na PD (Na Yeong-seok), who baked cake and heart-shaped food for the Love Me Again singer to celebrate his birthday in advance.

As the Love Me Again singer is reported to enlist for his mandatory military service on December 11, as per the reports by Dispatch, the duo decided to celebrate the idol's birthday in advance. BTS' V's birthday falls on December 30 every year.

As both the Na PD and Park Seo-joon acted alongside Kim Taehyung in the Korean variety show Jinny's Kitchen, the Na PD shared an anecdote from the time when V was getting cast for the aforementioned show.

Na PD stated that he assured V that the show's staff would stroll around Mexico City when they had free time while filming. However, when actual filming began, V was a bit furious when he realized that they were only working and never went out to take a visit to the city.

After hearing about the anecdote from the Na PD, fan stated that the V got scammed.

"Employment fraud discovered": Fans can't get enough of the anecdote shared by the Na PD relating to Kim Taehyung

At the time when Kim Taehyung was cast for the Korean variety show Jinny's Kitchen, he asked Na PD what the cast does when they have nothing to work on. Na PD replied that they would go around, stroll the city, and have fun with the cast members. The conversation, as translated by the user @VTeamBase on X, went like this:

V: "What do you guys do when you're not running the restaurant?"
Na PD: "We play, we go out swimming, see the city."

However, when V reached the filming set, he realized they were rarely outside the restaurant and realized he was a fool for giving in to the fabricated offer by Na PD. At that time, Kim Taehyung was a bit annoyed and told Na PD:

"Isn't this a bit different from what you said?"

As fans learned about the story of how V was lured into Jinny's Kitchen, they laughed about the story on social media, stating that he was scammed and found it adorable. They also want him to appear in the next season.

Check out how fans are reacting to the recent anecdote shared by Na PD about Kim Taehyung.

Meanwhile, fans also rejoiced about the fact that the duo took time out of their occupied schedule to celebrate the birthday of the Love Me Again singer in advance. Even V mentioned how he feels sad not celebrating his birthday with his close ones due to mandatory military service. Fans stated that at least the idol is surrounded by people who really care about him.

The Rainy Days singer is set to enlist for his mandatory military service on December 11, 2022, as reported by the South Korean media outlet Dispatch.

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