"HE'LL BREAK RECORDS FOR SURE": Jung Kook becomes the first BTS member to debut on MelOn Top 100 with SoundCloud release Still With You

BTS' Jung kook's Still With You tops charts in 70 countries (image via instagram/busansfav)

BTS fans were in for a treat, as on July 2, 2023, Jung Kook's Still With You became the first ever SoundCloud song to enter the top 100 of the MelOn charts. This came just after the official launch of Still With You and My You on platforms like iTunes and Spotify.

K-pop fans were ecstatic as they finally got to experience the highly anticipated release of two incredible singles. Adding to fans' excitement, the song quickly soared to the No. 1 spot in over 70 countries worldwide. This achievement amplified Jung Kook's global popularity and the constant support from his dedicated fanbase.

"Congratulations, we're proud of you": Fans extend their heartfelt wishes to Jung Kook for his newest achievement

On Sunday, July 2, BigHit Entertainment unveiled the promotional activity schedule for Jung Kook's highly anticipated new digital single, Seven. The schedule featured exciting events such as the release of behind-the-scenes footage, teasers, and the official music video.

However, the highlight of the schedule was the release of the BTS maknae's two beloved and successful songs on July 3. This news sparked great excitement among fans eagerly awaiting the upcoming releases and his new digital single.

Still With You and My You were initially released during BTS' annual Festa celebrations in 2020 and 2022, respectively. These songs were exclusively available only on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube.

However, now fans can enjoy them on popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Jung Kook's solo tracks are also accessible on various South Korean streaming platforms such as VIBE, FLO, and Genie. The release of both songs builds excitement as the BTS star prepares for his upcoming debut solo digital single.

Among both songs, Still with You quickly climbed to the top of numerous global charts in less than five hours. It became the first and only SoundCloud release to enter the MelOn charts at number 74. Additionally, Jung Kook became the most streamed K-pop artist across all platforms worldwide.

Fans were overwhelmed with excitement and enthusiastically encouraged their fellow ARMY friends to continue streaming the songs. Here are some reactions:

Meaning behind the songs Still With You and My You

Still with You is a poignant and heartfelt song. The lyrics dive into themes of love, companionship, and the enduring bond between the singer and the listener. The song reassures the listener that Jung Kook's presence and support remain unchanged even in times of separation or distance.

The track resonates with fans by capturing the emotions and longing that can arise in relationships, emphasizing the strength of connection despite physical or temporal barriers. It serves as a reminder of the enduring love and dedication between the singer and his fans, showcasing deep mutual appreciation and support.


With its emotionally charged lyrics and the singer's soulful vocals, the song has touched the hearts of many listeners. Its popularity and success on various charts worldwide speak to its universal appeal and its profound impact on fans.

My You was released in 2022, illuminating BTS' profound gratitude for ARMY. Jung Kook's heartfelt composition captures the group's deep appreciation for its fans. The song beautifully depicts ARMY as the guiding light that consistently illuminates the lives of each member.

It further emphasizes that ARMY's unwavering support is the cornerstone of the group's existence and the driving force behind its remarkable achievements.

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Edited by Shreya Das