"He looks so tiny": Fans swoon over BTS Jimin's adorable height difference with TXT Soobin and Beomgyu

BTS Jimin for TXT
BTS Jimin for TXT's Sugar Rush Ride Tik Tok challenge (Image via Twitter/@ROCKSTARJIKOOK)

On February 26, 2023, BTS Jimin participated in TXT's Sugar Rush Ride Tik Tok Challenge that's been rolling out since the release of their single back on January 27. While fans were initially shocked at the iconic collaboration, as they noticed the difference between Jimin and TXT Soobin and Beomgyu dancing on either side, they couldn't help but swoon over the same.

While it's no secret that TXT members are one of the tallest in the K-pop industry, the members participating in the challenge with BTS Jimin, who's the shortest in his group, awed fans. At Jimin's height, fans have always had an adorable liking for it and this incident was no exception. Moreover, Jimin continued to win fans' hearts with his cute dance in the challenge while Soobin and Beomgyu rolled out a hotter version of the same.

Omg jimin with txt beomgyu and soobin doing the sugar rush ride challenge, the way he looks so tiny and cute omg 🥺😭

Fans go crazy over BTS Jimin's cuteness in TXT's Sugar Rush Ride Tik Tok challenge

Given fans' specific liking towards BTS Jimin's cute side, the Sugar Rush Ride challenge soon went viral for quite a few reasons. Fans were initially surprised to see Jimin participate in the TikTok challenge. Though the two bands are labelmates, collaborations between the two groups have only been a handful, and hence fans celebrated the fresh content.

If Jimin, who is taller than me, looks that tiny next to Soobin and Beomgyu I'm literally never going to stand next to txt unless I'm standing on a chair or a desk. My dignity won't allow it
soobin n beomgyu O /|\ / | \ / \ / \ jimin hyung / \ 읏
jimin looks tiny between soobin and beomgyu😭😭

Moreover, the adorable dance with his cute outfit that Jimin put forth during the challenge was also something that fans couldn't get over.

Since content from the BTS members has decreased as of late, and they haven't been consistently active in the industry, especially as a group, fans rejoice at every peek of the members they get. The cute Sugar Rush Ride challenge that Jimin did alongside was more than enough for them.

I love how soobin and beomgyu are in sexy dance mood and jimin is all in cute mood with his new cute hair cut and shy dance
jimin looks so little beside soobin and beomgyu 😭
yesterday a moa asked beomgyu for his TMI so he said he filmed tiktok with a great person ig it’s sugar rush ride with jimin & soobin 🥺🤍…

Naturally, the topic was trending on various sites like Weibo and Entertainment Search. It trended at #9 on Weibo Main Hot Search and #15 on the latter, bagging over 73 million reads. In light of the same, fans also found traces of Beomgyu giving hints of this upcoming dance collaboration during a fan call. When asked for a TMI, he said:

"I filmed a Tik Tok with a great person today!"

BTS Jimin reveals details about his first solo album, FACE

A much-awaited solo album from BTS members, Jimin has finally revealed official information about his debut album, FACE. The album is set to release on March 24, 2023, at 1 pm KST, and a few teasers regarding the same have already had fans going crazy.

With only a small hint of the concept adopted by BTS Jimin for his solo album, fans think it best suits the idol and eagerly look forward to the same being rolled out.

"FACE" by JIMIN MARCH 24 1PM (KST) | 12AM (ET)#JIMIN #지민 #Jimin_FACE

Additionally, there will be a few more releases by Jimin throughout the next month. On March 6, 2 pm KST, his previous singles, Christmas Love and Promise, will be officially released. Set Me Free Pt. 2 and Like Crazy, Jimin's pre-release tracks, will be rolled out on March 17 and 24, respectively.

As TXT continues to surprise fans with their collaborations with iconic artists for the Sugar Rush Ride challenge, the latter rejoices at the same.

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