Hellbound actor Yoo Ah-in reportedly tested positive for Marijuana

Yoo Ah-in has tested positive for Marijuana (Image via KBIZoom)
Yoo Ah-in has tested positive for Marijuana (Image via KBIZoom)

On Friday, February 10, Korean news outlet Hankook Ilbo reported that Hellbound actor Yoo Ah-in has reportedly tested positive for Marijuana.

The Seoul Vibe actor, who is currently being investigated for the illegal misuse of Propofol, shockingly tested positive for Marijuana but tested negative for Propofol itself.

A medical expert who spoke to Hankook Ilbo on the condition of anonymity revealed that Yoo Ah-in testing positive means that he has been consuming it for quite some time now because Propofol leaves one’s system within four days of use.

“Marijuana’s THC doesn’t appear on tests 7-10 days after it is last used. It appears he has recently used marijuana”.

Yoo Ah-in’s agency feigned ignorance on the actor testing positive for Marijuana

Yoo Ah-in was made to undergo a urine test which determined Marijuana in his system. Marijuana is hard to detect on a urine test after 7-10 days, so there’s a high possibility of him using the drug very recently.

When contacted, his agency, United Artists Agency (UAA), refused to confirm whether the actor tested positive for Marijuana or not. They feigned ignorance about the ongoing media reports regarding his drug abuse.

They confirmed that they will actively cooperate with the police investigation and prepare a solid response from Yoo Ah-in, explaining his stance and side of the matter.

“We have never heard anything about (Yoo Ah In) testing positive for marijuana. Other than this, our stance is the same as our previous statement. We will actively cooperate with the police investigation, and at the same time, we will actively work on what can be explained.”

The Hellbound actor was recently called for police questioning for allegedly consuming Propofol, a sleep and anesthetic drug that is illegal to use in South Korea except for surgical procedures. When consumed in lower doses, it acts as a sedative to put the person in a semi-conscious state.

The side effects include pain at the injection site, nausea, coughing, hypotension, furious itching, hypertension, and a tingling sensation. His agency had stated at the time that they (the agency and Yoo Ah-in) will fully cooperate with the police investigation.

According to some media reports, the Korean police and medical authorities have been tailing Yoo Ah-in for quite some time now and keeping tabs on him.

A couple of days ago, it was reported that the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency called on the Chicago Typewriter actor for an alleged violation of the Narcotics Control Act.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety had requested the police to investigate Yoo Ah-in and his alleged drug use. He has been banned from leaving the country as well. After being tipped off about him buying the aforementioned drug from different hospitals, it is believed he has been habitually consuming Propofol since 2021.

The Hellbound star was one of the 51 people on the Korean government’s radar for frequent drug abuse. The police are expanding their investigation by searching and examining hospitals in Gangnam-gu and Yongsan-gu in Seoul.

Yoo Ah-in’s current and future projects reportedly in trouble

With the actor testing positive for Marijuana, the word n the market is that his current and future projects are in jeopardy.

The actor is known for his work in critically-acclaimed films and dramas like Burning, Hellbound, Chicago Typewriter, and Seoul Vibe, amongst others. He is set to star in Netflix’s Goodbye Earth, The Match, and Hi.5 this year. With the controversy, it is believed that his projects might be postponed.

However, Netflix has not yet decided anything regarding the release date or shooting schedules and has not commented on the media queries as well.

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