HGTV's Rock the Block Season 3 winner: How much cash prize did Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson win?

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson declared winners of Rock the Block Season 3 (Image via egyptsherrod/Instagram)
Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson declared winners of Rock the Block Season 3 (Image via egyptsherrod/Instagram)

Husband-and-wife duo Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson have been declared winners of the HGTV show Rock the Block Season 3 by the judges and Season 2 winners of the reality show.

The couple, who were earlier also seen on many other HGTV shows like Property Virgins and Flipping Virgins, also have their own home renovation show on the hit channel called Married to Real Estate.

Cash prize Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson won on Rock the Block Season 3

After much evaluation and analyzing, judges of Rock the Block, Drew Scott and Season 2 winners Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt, announced business partners Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson as the winners of Season 3 in the supersized finale, which premiered on HGTV and discovery+ on Monday, April 4, 2022.

The husband-wife duo completed home was appraised at a winning $931,000. Announcing the winner of the show, Scott said of the final task on Rock the Block:

"Originally, the houses were valued at $500,000 each. Then we gave everybody $225,000 to design and finish the homes. So, all in, the investment is $725,000. Well, I am happy to announce that the winning house was appraised at $931,000."

The winners competed against Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas from Bargain Block, Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb from Unsellable Houses, and Dave and Jenny Marrs from Fixer to Fabulous to win the challenge.

The couple created a coastal home called Destiny. After touring the renovated house, Property Brothers and Kleinschmidt were impressed by the functional design and style of the house.

Fans could not keep calm and were happy for Sherrod and Jackson to be crowned as the winners of Rock the Block. Many fans took to Twitter to congratulate the couple and express their joy. Some said they predicted that the couple would win the show from day one, while others said they were β€œglad” that Sherrod and Jackson won the competition.

In terms of celebration, the couple did not do much. they simply β€œgot on the plane and slept the whole plane ride home” as they had to film β€œthe very next day on Married to Real Estate.”

In an interview with HGTV, Sherrod shared a piece of advice for future competitors of Rock the Block based on their experience, saying:

β€œWear comfortable shoes. Make sure you choose an outfit in a color that you like because you will literally be in it for six weeks. You're working so hard that you have to stay healthy and hydrated. Also, come in knowing that this will be the hardest you've ever worked in your life.”

Jackson further added:

β€œYes! Plan properly. Make sure you bring all your tools and the right tools. It makes a world of a difference. Start taking meditation classes so you can tap into your zen on set. It can get hectic.”

The winning couple of Rock the Block can be seen working their magic on Married to Real Estate on HGTV, which also gives a glimpse of their personal lives to the viewers.

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