"His moves are incredible": Fans go feral with excitement as BTS’ Jungkook posts back-to-back TikTok videos

Images via Twitter/97SARCHIVES and winnttaebear)
Images via Twitter/97SARCHIVES and winnttaebear)

BTS' Jungkook has left his fans thrilled by staying true to his promise of becoming an active presence on TikTok. During his recent appearance on the KISS FM show on September 17, he pledged to not only stay updated with the latest global trends on TikTok but also maintain a consistent posting schedule. To the delight of his fans, he actually shared TikTok videos for three consecutive days, on September 15, 17, and 18.

Following his debut TikTok video, where he took on a dance challenge with SEVENTEEN's Mingyu, grooving to his solo single Seven, that proved to be a huge hit among everyone, fans couldn't wait to see more of Jungkook's TikTok content. With the conclusion of his solo single promotions, he has discovered a new passion for entertaining fans on this popular social media platform.

Not only the K-pop fans, but the non-K-pop fans also appreciated this star, saying that his moves are immaculate, even though he is widely recognized as the main vocalist of his group.

"Tiktoker king Jungkook all the way": The BTS member delights fans with his recent dance videos

Jungkook, who has already amassed over 20 million followers on TikTok, has now officially become a sensation and stays highly active on the platform. He engages actively with others' posts and maintains an interactive presence with his own audience. On September 15, 2023, he treated fans to his second TikTok video, participating in the trending Smoke challenge, a dance challenge that originated from Mnet's Street Woman Fighter 2.

On September 17, Jungkook embraced yet another dance challenge, this time dancing to Big Dreams. He performed the challenge in a corridor with unique camera angles, thrilling his fans with his incredible dance skills. The dance challenge garnered significant attention, even prompting the original singer of the song, IZ, to express his disbelief and excitement that the BTS star had chosen his track for his TikTok challenge.

In his third TikTok dance challenge, the BTS member danced to a song that has left fans eagerly trying to identify it. Later, the fans discovered that the song was an old one named COME BABY, COME, many of whom believe that the Seven singer might be gearing up for daily TikTok postings, possibly featuring a new dance challenge each day.

Some fans have even expressed their hopes for a potential collaboration between Jungkook and his fellow BTS member, V, in one of these challenges. Fans of the artist were so excited that they could not hold themselves back from commenting about this TikTok streak.

As the days pass, fans eagerly anticipate the Seven singer's next dance challenge, confident in his commitment to keeping them entertained on TikTok. His dedication to staying active on the platform has left his supporters eager for the surprises that the BTS star may have in store for them. Jungkook's TikTok journey is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated developments in the K-pop world, offering fans a closer look at his creative expressions and vibrant personality.

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