How did Beni Johnson die? Tributes pour in as Bethel Church co-founder passes away at 67

Beni Johnson recently died at the age of 67 (Image via benji5/Instagram)
Beni Johnson recently died at the age of 67 (Image via benji5/Instagram)
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Bethel church co-founder Beni Johnson passed away on July 13, at the age of 67, following a long battle with cancer.

Beni’s husband Bill paid tribute to her on Facebook, stating that she is now "healthy and free." The post was flooded with comments from the public, even as Beni’s son Brian expressed his grief on Instagram and wrote, "My mom went home tonight. Love you mom."

Beni Johnson’s cause of death explored

Beni was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. Doctors said at the time that two lumps were discovered in her right breast which were removed. However, doctors also found that she had a mutation in her BR2 gene, due to which she was at risk of being diagnosed with cancer again.

Bethel Church was requesting everyone to pray for Beni from February 2022 when she had problems breathing.

They wrote at the time,

“As many of you already know, Beni Johnson has been on a health journey of overcoming cancer. We’ve been praying consistently, and she has experienced a measure of breakthrough.”

She struggled with the disease for a long time and the church disclosed on July 13 that she was home and in hospice care. They also explained,

“Here is the current situation: Late last week, Bill, Beni, and their doctors felt that the time had come to transition from treating the cancer with chemotherapy to relieving her symptoms. Beni is now at home with hospice care.”

Netizens pay tribute on Twitter

Beni Johnson gained recognition as one of the leaders of the Bethel Church and after people heard the news of her death, Twitter was flooded with tributes.

Through their tributes, some people spoke about how Beni had helped them or encouraged them to follow their dreams.

False Teacher Bill Johnson's wife has sadly died from cancer. Johnson once said:"I hear people say, ‘Well, God gave me this cancer to teach me patience.’ No, He didn’t...Healing is as much of the Gospel as is the message of forgiveness.”…
Any death from cancer is tragic & we ought to pray for those who mourn. May we also pray Beni’s passing be used by God to open Bill Johnson’s eyes to the evil of the false gospel he has preached for years. May it bring him to repentance and genuine faith.…
:( Beni Johnson <3
Just heard that Beni Johnson has passed away. No matter my disagreements, my heart breaks for the Johnson family. Praying for Bill Johnson, his family, and Bethel Church. Praying for comfort, strength and peace. I also pray the Lord would open their eyes to the truth. 🙏🏽😔
Beni Johnson graduated to heaven last night. Bill and Beni Johnson are the senior leaders of the amazing Bethel Church in Redding California. Let's keep them in our prayers!
We join the family and friends of Beni Johnson in mourning the loss - & celebrating the life - of this great lady. Beni was such a gracious, kind & loving person. It was her encouragement that first motivated me to publish my book, The Power of Hope. Her life touched millions.

Though many said they were saddened by Beni's death, some added that they didn't really share the same beliefs as the Johnson family. People even shared stories of others who had encounters with the family and their faith and said that they hoped that "the Lord would open their eyes to the truth."

I just found out Bill Johnson's (head of Bethel, Redding) wife Beni died yesterday of cancer.My heart breaks for the family in their hopelessness at this time. Please pray that the Lord will use their grief to open a door to repentance & faith in the true Christ of Scripture.❤️
Beni Johnson, Billy’s wife, died. Though that is very sad it should be noted that Bill had a young 29 yo lady, newlywed and w/ child, worked for him and had a totally treatable cancer but was told she lacked faith by going to the doc. So she stopped. Without a few months died.
I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Beni Johnson, beloved wife of Bill Johnson of Redding, CA. Praying God surrounds the family with His healing presence.
Our hearts grieve the loss of Beni Johnson, our prayers are with Bill, the entire Johnson clan, and the Bethel family.

Everything known about Beni Johnson

The mission of the Bethel Church was linked to Beni’s name to intercession. She performed a function with the creation of the Intercession Team and Bethel’s Prayer House.

Beni Johnson was one of the senior leaders of the Bethel Church (Image via danielsilliman/Twitter)
Beni Johnson was one of the senior leaders of the Bethel Church (Image via danielsilliman/Twitter)

Johnson also conveyed a name for the church to attain bodily, religious, and emotional well-being. Her passion was to witness the wholesome and free lives of God’s folks and to see them open the door for the restoration of the planet to its unique state of well-being.

Additionally, her love for individuals, concern for well-being, and dedication to prayer contributed to the necessary breakthrough in Bethel’s work. Her desire to see all of God’s folks living their full lives could be characterized by a completely satisfying prayer.

Johnson was also the author of various books like The Happy Intercessor, Healthy and Free, The Power of Communion, 40 Days to Wholeness, and more. Beni and her husband Bill have been the senior leaders at Bethel Church for a long time and the church is popular for its worship songs and the importance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

She is survived by her husband Bill Johnson alongside three children and 11 grandchildren.

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