How many children does Tom Hanks have? All about his family amid Chet Hanks' controversial revelations

Thumbnail of Chester Hank's YouTube video (Image via @chethanx/Instagram)
Thumbnail of Chester Hank's YouTube video (Image via @chethanx/Instagram)

Tom Hanks' son Chester Hanks, who now goes by Chet Hanx, recently launched a YouTube channel with 13.7 thousand subscribers. In his latest video titled "The Truth About Growing Up As A Hanks," Chet dives into some of his life experiences.

In a recent video he posted, he recalled being asked about growing up with famous parents. Chet said:

"There’s a lot of advantages, but sometimes it can be pretty weird."

While he would not wish for a different life, Chet opened up about the struggles of being the son of Tom Hanks.

"My experience was even more complicated because, on top of fame already being toxic, I wasn’t even famous. I was just the son of somebody famous, so I hadn’t even done anything to deserve any sort of recognition, and that created a lot of contempt."

The star kid also noted that people would assume him to be an "arrogant, entitled, spoiled brat." Chet believes he was not "spoiled" but "privileged." He claimed that making people drop their preconceived notions about him was almost impossible.

"It was extremely hard to break down their walls. So, I encountered a lot of disdain, a lot of animosity and negativity because everybody was just prepared to hate my guts."

He discussed the bullying he faced growing up by saying:

"It was never to my face. It was always behind my back in the forms of gossip and s*** talking."


The most shocking revelation came when Chet insisted that he did not have a male idol to look up to while growing up.

"I didn’t have a strong male role model to tell me ‘bro, f*** these people, they are just jealous of you’."

Chet has developed anger issues over the years. He explained that it took him a long time to realize that “people’s perception of someone is only a reflection of themselves.” But he claimed to have amended his ways.

He is no longer dealing with his "anger" and "resentment" by "self-destructing, pleasure-seeking through partying, drugs, alcohol, substances." Instead, he focuses on "being the best" person he can be.

All about Tom Hanks' family

Tom Hanks with his family (Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Tom Hanks with his family (Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Tom Hanks, 65, has four children - two from his first marriage and two with his second and current wife. Hanks was married to Samantha Lewes, who died of bone cancer in 2002, from 1978 to 1987. Hanks' first son Colin, 44, was born to Lewes in November 1977.

Colin made his acting debut in 1996 with That Thing You Do! and has acted in movies like Orange County (2002), King Kong (2005) and Jumanji (2017 & 2019). Colin married publicist Samantha Bryant in 2010. They welcomed daughters Olivia Jane Hanks in 2011 and Charlotte Bryant Hanks in 2013.

In May 1982, Lewes gave birth to Elizabeth Ann, their only daughter. As a child, Elizabeth appeared in two of her father's most popular movies - Forrest Gump (1994) and That Thing You Do! (1996), which Tom Hanks wrote and directed. The 39-year-old is now a writer and author who has bylines in publications like Time, The Guardian, The New York Times, Vanity Fair. and The Huffington Post.

I had someone say, “You LOOK like a writer” at me today. Was it the brooch? The tweed? How I was chasing them down the street screaming Edith Wharton biographical facts whilst carrying 6 empty notebooks?

Tom Hanks has been married to his wife Rita Wilson, 65, since April 1988. The first child they welcomed together was Chet, who was born in August 1990.

Chet launched his music career in April 2021 with his heavily criticized single White Boy Summer, which was followed by another song titled Damn (released in June 2021). Chet, 31, shares five-year-old daughter Michaiah with former partner Tiffany Miles.

Tom Hanks' youngest child and third son, Truman, was born in December 1995. The 26-year-old works behind the camera on movies like Wrath of Man, Black Widow, and West Wide Story. He’s also been a production assistant on The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) and Charlie’s Angels (2019). He served as the cinematographer for a 2019 short film, The Ice Queen Society.

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