How many students died in Sewol Ferry tragedy? TikToker highlights similarities with Netflix's All of Us Are Dead

ASewol Ferry Tragedy Victims & Netflix's All of Us re Dead, Image via Kim Hong-ji/Reuters/Netflix
ASewol Ferry Tragedy Victims & Netflix's All of Us re Dead, Image via Kim Hong-ji/Reuters/Netflix

Popular Netflix series All of Us Are Dead once again shocked the internet when a TikTok user recently highlighted similarities between All of Us Are Dead and the Sewol Ferry tragedy of 2014. This tragic event is still being investigated to this day as grieving families continue to ask questions about what exactly happened.

What is the Sewol Ferry Tragedy all about?

On April 16, 2014, the Sewol Ferry carried passengers from Incheon to Jeju. A detailed report by The Diplomat sheds more light on the tragedy. According to this report, there were 476 passengers on board, out of which 250 of them were second-year high school students on their school trip.

Between 8.50 am and 9.00 am, things began to take a scary turn as the ferry began sinking. The captain was the first to escape the ferry. The remaining passengers were told that help was on the way.

Passengers struggled to stay afloat in rising water levels due to the sinking ships. By the end, 304 passengers died. Authorities could not recover five bodies. This tragedy was seen as incompetence on the part of the government and media. The report stated that media outlets informed the nation that all passengers were rescued when this was not the case.

On the other hand, many people, including grieving families, hold the government accountable. To date, the nation remains clueless as to what the Blue House was doing during this tragic situation and why grieving families still don't have answers as to what caused the tragedy.

Similarities between Netflix's All of Us Are Dead and the Sewol Ferry tragedy

A TikTok user highlighted similarities between the All of Us Are Dead and this real-life tragedy. The first similarity was that high-school students were involved. All of Us Are Dead portrays a zombie-apocalypse situation that originated from Hyosan High School. Whereas close to half the ferry passengers were from Danwon High School.

The second similarity the TikTok user pointed out was how the students in All of Us Are Dead made a video during the zombie outbreak. Interestingly, the students onboard the ferry also made a video as they waited for rescuers.

i don’t think you should be using those videos actually…

The third similarity that the two shared is a love story. In the drama, love bloomed between characters Choi Nam-ra and Lee Su Hyeok. There was a scene where Lee Su Hyeok tied his hands to Choi Nam-ra's.

The user revealed that on the ferry, two high-school students, Kim Su-jin and Lee Jeong-jin, were found with their bodies tied together with their life-jacket cord. They were later revealed to be a couple.

The final similarity was how the living paid homage to the dead. In the drama, the people who survived paid respect to the dead through a ribbon memorial. Similarly, the living paid their respects to the ferry victims through a yellow ribbon memorial. Yellow ribbons became a symbol of recognizing the lives lost.

@jichanfairy ingat tak haritu masa tengok kita ada mention all of us are dead sama macam tragedy sewol ferry ☹️

This particular TikTok user was not the only one who felt this way. Many netizens on the internet saw the similarities between the two.

i believe all of us are dead are also based from the sewol ferry tragedy. i can feel it throughout the drama.…
i finished “all of us are dead” and throughout the whole show, i couldn’t help but notice the resemblances between the show & the details of the sewol ferry tragedy.
was all of us are dead kinda referencing sewol ferry tragedy? there are so many scenes that just seemed like it paying homage to the students. and the way the stuff with the adults happened was so similar i kept thinking about that

These shocking similarities have left people wondering whether the popular Netflix series All of Us Are Dead is based on one of the worst tragedies South Korea has faced.

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