"Hyping and making him dog #1": Fans go gaga as BTS' Jungkook hints at his dog Bam getting an Instagram account

Featuring Jungkook (Image via Bighit Entertainment)
Featuring Jungkook (Image via Bighit Entertainment)

On December 8, 2023, BTS' Jungkook took to the South Korean social media platform Weverse, where he did a live broadcast before enlisting for his mandatory military service.

In Weverse live, the golden maknae was visibly donning a black outfit. He was wearing a beanie and a t-shirt underneath a shirt. The idol interacted and answered many questions from the fans.

The Standing Next to You singer also expressed his admiration for his pet dog Bam and how he was thinking of making an Instagram for him.

As soon as the fans got to know that the golden maknae gave a hint to fans that he's going to make an Instagram account for Bam in 2025, one excited fan tweeted:

"Hyping and making him dog #1."

Fans are excited to follow Jungkook's pet dog Bam on Instagram

As Jungkook previously deleted his Instagram account with over 55 million followers, fans have always wondered when he would make his comeback on social media.

In the Weverse live, he revealed how he will miss Bam when he goes to the military. He said to Bam:

"Dad will go and come back from the military."

Jungkook also expressed that he will never have another pet dog except Bam. He further revealed that in 2025, his pet dog might get an Instagram account and stated, as translated by the user @haruharu_w_bts:

"Yes in 2025, i think like half of it will be full of bam! i dont have an instagram but there's a chance that bam might get an instagram! possibly."

In the Weverse live, he also came across a comment where a user asked if he abandoned Bam to which he replied:

"Are you crazy? are you crazy? do you know how much i miss him?"

Jungkook further revealed how he met Bam and stated, as translated by X user @christa7:

"There was a puppy who was in the corner and he wasn't getting any milk from his mother and I said "I'll take him. He got carsick on the way up and threw up in the car."

As the idol revealed that most of his TikTok videos in 2025, during his time serving in the military, will be about Bam and that he will also open an Instagram account for him, fans went berserk.

They are stating that they will make Bam the most followed dog on Instagram and give him lots of love in the form of likes, followers, and comments. Fans are excited to see when the idol opens an Instagram account for him.

Check out how fans are reacting as BTS' Jungkook hints at his dog, Bam, getting an Instagram account.

Moreover, Jungkook also revealed how, during training Bam, he faced several challenges and difficulties. He stated, as translated by the user @christa7:

"During dog-training, things were great. But he got sick, he was very sensitive to different germs and things."

Jungkook further revealed:

"If you're going to raise a dog, you really have to live thinking only of him. Really, so that it's your life pattern. That's the right thing for you to do but I didn't know that before."

Jungkook is set to enlist for his mandatory military service on December 12, 2023, as per reports by the South Korean media outlet, Dispatch.

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