HyunA and Dawn flaunt their adorable chemistry while performing 'Ping Pong' on stage 

A still of the K-pop artists (Image via hyunah_aa/Instagram)
A still of the K-pop artists (Image via hyunah_aa/Instagram)

K-pop idols HyunA and Dawn created a buzz on the internet with their adorable and passionate kiss during a university festival and made the crowds go wild with their affectionate moment on stage. The two singers are known to be the K-pop industry’s IT couple and have been together for years.


Despite the fact that K-pop has millions of fans worldwide, the industry is not without flaws. The idea of idols dating has always been a point of controversy. It has become a taboo, with many groups and individual artists having bans on relationships or having to hide them from the surveying eye of the public.

However, K-pop artists HyunA and Dawn, who have openly announced their love for one another and have been together for five years, are one such couple who has persevered to defy this stigma.

HyunA and Dawn's latest performance at a university goes viral

HyunA and Dawn have been known to be excellent singers and performers with unique concepts in terms of music production. Not only that, but the duo is also known to be one of the most famous couples in the K-pop music industry and netizens can’t get enough of them.

After meeting at Cube Entertainment, the two began dating and were eventually made to leave the label after the news broke about their relationship in 2018.

The couple recently went viral yet again for their public display of attention during a performance at Kyunghee University Festival. During the show, both the artists performed their collaboration track Ping Pong and slayed their performance with a heart-melting kiss at the end.

The lovely moment between the two artists enthralled the audience. During the Ping Pong performance, HyunA also made it a point to flaunt her unique engagement ring to the crowd and enjoyed the company of her significant other, Dawn, while both sang and danced together.

Additionally, during the performance, the duo seemed to be in their own world while dancing. Despite the music blasting, crowds chanting, and backup dancers dancing, the couple appeared to be completely immersed in each other and having a good time.


However, their public display of affection didn't end there, the IT couple continued to set the stage on fire with their heart-warming affection and stage presence. At one point during the performance, HyunA removed her jacket and began wiping Dwan’s face. The sweet gesture showed just how much they care for each other and proved that their love was as strong as ever.

Meanwhile, the couple recently announced their engagement not very long ago via a surprise post that Dawn posted on Instagram. The artists shook the internet as they flaunted their unique engagement rings and locked in the love deal of “happily ever after”.

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