I-77 South accident: Details explored as officials identify two people killed in I-77 crash 

A horrific crash on I-77 killed two people, (Image via Mike Vielhaber/X)
A horrific crash on I-77 killed two people, (Image via Mike Vielhaber/X)

Authorities have confirmed that two people have lost their lives in the fatal I-77 crash, that occured on Friday, December 1. While the two individuals were declared dead on the scene, a third person survived, but has been allegedly in critical conditions. The deceased victims have been itdentified as 32-year-old Gertrude Stutler and 29-year-old Johnny Brooks Jr.

The crash was a multi-vehicular one, and included three vehicles- a 2017 Ford hatchback, A 2022 Chevrolet hatchback, and a 2018 Freightliner. Shortly after the crash, the highway was shut down. Law enforcement officers are now investigating the fatal crash.

Fatal I-77 crash has killed two people, while severely injuring one individual near Chestnut Road bridge, on Friday

Authorities responed to a horrific crash on I-77 South near Rockside Road in Independence in the early morning of Friday. The chain of events leading to the crash began after a 2017 Ford hatchback went off its lane and crashed into the median wall. This has been confirmed by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, as well.

Authorities further spoke about it on a press conference, and said:

"A 2022 Chevrolet hatchback was parked in front of the Ford in the far-right lane for an unknown reason at this time, but was not involved in the original crash."

Eventually, the occupant of the Ford hatchback along with those of the Chevrolet hatchback exited their respective vehicles. Meanwhile, a 2018 Freightliner headed towards them and crashed into the two cars along with the three individuals. The third vehicle then travelled down the road and overturned. This was the main vehicle that allegedly caused the horrific crash.

The Freightliner driver sustained some minor injuries and was rushed to the hospital. The Chevrolet occupants, meanwhile, were pronounced dead at the scene and the Ford driver was taken to the hospital and had sustained some serious injuries.

Authorities are yet to determine the exact reason behind the fatal crash that ended two lives

Independence police had confirmed that it took them about one to two hours to clean the entire I-77 crash site. Authorities are yet to discover the exact reason that possibly caused the fatal crash.

A News5 photojournalist, Mike Veilhaber, present at the crash site, posted an update on Twitter:

"I-77 south is closed at I-480. There was a crash around 12:30am involving a semi and two cars. The Cuyahoga County Coroner responded for 2 fatalities on scene. EMS units transported two others in unknown condition. OSHP doing a reconstruction. This will be closed for a long time."

By 7.30 am local time, the lanes were opened again. The I-77 crash took place just a few days after another fatal crash that occured in Nevada. Derek Glasscock, the suspected driver, was allegedly drunk before he began driving the vehicle.

He was reportedly driving the car at a speed of about 150mph. The suspect was, however, arrested and his preliminary hearing has been scheduled in the first week of December.

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