"I doubt it": Sylvester Stallone comments on Logan Paul knocking out Floyd Mayweather on June 6th

Sylvester Stallone comments on Logan Paul
Sylvester Stallone comments on Logan Paul's boxing (Image via YouTube)

On May 27th, Sylvestor Stallone was asked about the upcoming Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, and if he thought Logan Paul would be able to knock Floyd Mayweather out. To which he responded, "I doubt it".

YouTuber Logan Paul is set to fight professional boxer Floyd Mayweather in Miami, Florida on June 6th, Floyd has a spotless record of 50-0.

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Sylvester Stallone comments on the upcoming fight

Sylvestor Stallone, 74, is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, and director. He is best known for portraying boxing legend Rocky Balboa in the hit film series "Rocky".

While exiting a venue in Los Angeles, Sylvester was stopped by papparazzi and was asked what he thought about the upcoming Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight. The actor laughed.

"It's good entertainment."

When asked if Logan would be able to knock Floyd out, Sylvester gave an interesting look, then gave his input. He said:

"You never know, he's got two hands."

However, the seasoned actor swiftly changed his mind by adding a negative take. He continued:

"But I doubt it."

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Logan Paul oddly reacts to Sylvester Stallone's statement

After hearing Sylvester Stallone's comments, Logan took to TikTok to post his reaction. In a video captioned, "They asked Rocky Balboa about my fight", Logan seemed to be beaming with joy as he made a Pokemon reference.

Logan Paul reacts to Sylvester Stallone
Logan Paul reacts to Sylvester Stallone's comments on his latest TikTok video (Image via TikTok)

After Logan posted the TikTok, a majority of his followers commented on something other than the fight. Logan wore bright blue briefs, exposing more than what the audience needed to see.

For that, Logan's comments were a mix of the fight, Sylvester's reaction, and his choice of attire.

Comments and reactions from Logan
Comments and reactions from Logan's TikTok video (Image via TikTok)

Fans of Logan are highly anticipating the upcoming fight between him and Mayweather. In fact, it was recently rumored that either himself or one of his fans purchased 4 ringside seats for $87,000.

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