“I feel like I don't want to get married”: HyunA confesses being unsure about marriage after Dawn’s proposal

HyunA and Dawn (image via @hyojong_1994/Instagram)
HyunA and Dawn (image via @hyojong_1994/Instagram)

During a celebrity talk show on July 20, Kim Hyun-Ah, better known by her mononym, Hyuna, confessed to not wanting to marry. The iconic K-Pop soloist opened up about her relationship with former Pentagon idol Kim Hyo-Jong aka DAWN during a Radio Star show.

Speaking about her marriage, Hyuna confessed that although it has been a few months since her engagement, marriage isn't something she is looking forward to. The 30-year-old soloist confessed:

"Dawn proposed to me a few months back but I feel like I don't want to get married. There seems to be a lot of things to take care of."
a still of HyunA from an episode of Radio Talj (image via Nate Penn)
a still of HyunA from an episode of Radio Talj (image via Nate Penn)

HyunA opens up about her relationship with Dawn on MBC's chat show Radio Star

HyunA was in attendance as a special guest on the chat show along with actors Kim Byung Ok, Han Young, and K-Pop girl-group Billlie's member, TSUKI.

She also shared some intimate details about her long-term relationship with DAWN and noted that she isn't ready to get married just yet. The Change artist spilled that there are things she needs to address before she starts the new chapter in her life of solemnizing her marriage to Dawn.

The 30-year-old soloist also mentioned that appearing on talk shows made her nervous, but added that appearing on Radio Star was different. She said this was because when her fiance had previously appeared on the show, he was showered with love and affection from the viewers.

The Trouble Maker singer also spoke about her fiance and reflected upon how the two made compromises and adjustments to make their relationship a success.

More about the power couple HyunA and DAWN

HyunA and DAWN are clearly fan favorites in an industry where there is a strict implicit and explicit prohibition of idol dating. However, the couple shattered that norm in order to stay together.

The couple's relationship has stirred controversy on several occasions and exposed them to severe backlash. However, their dedication to each other and their resilience has garnered a lot of support from their fans along the way. The power couple has thus greatly helped in broadening the mentality of K-Pop stans towards idol dating.

The two began dating in 2016 but only went public with their relationship in 2018, which led to massive controversy. The information came out in the form of an idol-dating rumor by a media outlet that was swiftly shot down by the couple's agency CUBE Entertainment.

The idols, meanwhile, went against the agency's official statement and personally went public with their relationship. In fact, they even confessed to having been dating secretly for two years.

The clash with CUBE Entertainment concluded with the idols leaving their K-Pop groups. They kick-started the next leg of their careers as K-Pop soloists in P-NATION, the agency of global K-Pop legend PSY. Ever since, the duo have risen in popularity and are known for their quirky music and bold style, which is a hit across the globe.

The couple sparked a stir once again on February 3 this year when they announced their engagement after five years of dating. Fans were blown away by the Instagram post that displayed identical engagement rings that were both unique and beautiful.

The couple continued their professional journey as iconic K-Pop soloists in P-NATION while taking their relationship to the next level.

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