"I just want to be left alone": Gabbie Hanna discusses phone call with Jessi Smiles, calls her "manipulative"

Gabbie Hanna has villainized Jessi Smiles over unreleased phone call recordings (Image via YouTube)
Gabbie Hanna has villainized Jessi Smiles over unreleased phone call recordings (Image via YouTube)

Gabbie Hanna recently addressed the phone call between her and Jessi Smiles, which the latter had publicly released a few weeks ago.

The feud between the YouTuber and the 27-year-old Smiles began in 2014 after the latter was "sexually assaulted" in her sleep by her ex-boyfriend, Curtis Lepore. After Jessi had opened up and spoken about her assault, Gabbie Hanna publicly pretended to support her "friend" but was exposed for actually advocating for Curtis behind closed doors.

The 30-year-old eventually defended Curtis openly and started to "victim-shame" Jessi Smiles.

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Gabbie Hanna accuses Jessi Smiles of lying

In an unplanned episode titled "About The 3 Hour Jessi Smiles Phone Call" of "Confessions of a Washedup YouTube Hasbeen," Gabbie Hanna addressed the phone call that Jessi Smiles had released a few weeks prior, exposing her for being a "r**e apologist."


She began by immediately invalidating Jessi Smiles, calling her someone "who's looking for a lie." She then confessed that she was open to hearing the side of Jessi's abuser, whom Gabbie stayed friends with even after the assault.

"I would never say anything on purpose that would be that easy to disprove. Especially to someone like her, who's looking for a lie. I never wanted to talk about Jessi's story because I knew that saying something, [after] Curtis told me his side of the story, that it would start opening up questions."

Gabbie Hanna then claimed that she wanted to "move on" from the drama surrounding her and Jessi Smiles. However, many pointed out that the former was constantly making videos and posting tweets about Smiles.

A few days before this video, Jessi had urged Gabbi to leave her alone, as she is currently pregnant and stress is not good for women who are expecting.

"This is something I literally never wanted to f***ing do. I never wanted to do any of this. I wanted this to just be in the past. I asked everybody repeatedly [to] just let me move on. I'm not part of this f***ing culture. I'm not; just let me move on. But now, she put out a highly edited and manipulative portion of a phone conversation, used to make me look like I'm a f***ing monster."

The content creator then flipped the blame onto Jessi Smiles, claiming that although she "never got an apology," she didn't want one. Hanna also accused Jessi of pinning their friendship against her, even though the former claimed Gabbie was the one who allegedly ruined their friendship in the first place.

"She posted that all she wants is to be left alone and that she wants me to stop user her past against her. Dude, like what? That's literally what's been happening this entire time since 2015, is her using our past against me. I have apologized for whatever I have done to hurt Jessi's feelings a billion times. I never got an apology, of course, and that's okay. I don't want one. I want to be left alone."

Gabbie Hanna's response triggered major backlash across the internet. Not long after, "Jessi" began to trend.

On the other hand, Jessi Smiles claimed she "wanted to throw up" after watching the video.

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Twitter calls Gabbie Hanna out for playing the "victim"

Netizens took to the bird app to slam Gabbie Hanna for reversing Jessi Smile's situation and alleging that she was the actual victim.

People urged the influencer to "leave Twitter" after posting the episode to her YouTube channel. To add, many reported her video for bullying and harassment, as Gabbie Hanna didn't want to leave the pregnant Jessi Jessi alone.

Twitter is highly anticipating Jessi Smiles' response to Gabbie Hanna's accusations. Given that she is pregnant, many have expressed their sentiment for the drama she is currently going through.

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