"I'm so sick and tired of this": SM ENTERTAINMENT receives backlash for alleged mistreatment of NCT DREAM's Jaemin during the group's fan signing

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Featuring NCT's Jaemin (Image jaemingelic/X)

On November 4, NCT DREAM's Jaemin was reported to be treated indifferently and unfairly by the SM Entertainment staff at the group's offline fan signing event held in Qingdao, China, where fans flocked all over the country to meet him and the members.

It's a tradition in the South Korean K-pop industry that whenever a group holds a fan signing or fan meeting event, fans of the particular group bring several gifts for the artists, including headbands, accessories, crowns, teddy bears, toys, or anything that their bias might like.

At the fan signing event for NCT DREAM, some fans alleged that they could see how Jaemin was treated and excluded from doing the things other members were allowed to do, including receiving headbands, accessories, and other stuff from the fans.

Soon, DREAMZENs took to social media to call out SM Entertainment for their alleged mistreatment of the idol, and one user stated they are now sick and tired of how the agency's staff is treating the singer.

"How can this be acceptable?": Fans angered at how SM Entertainment treats Jaemin

At the fan signing event, NCT DREAM's Jaemin donned a blue colored cardigan, wearing a white t-shirt underneath, looking stunning with his minimalistic appearance at the event. However, even though he was dressed head-to-toe elegantly, fans were worried about the alleged repetitive mistreatment against the idol.

While the other group members at the aforementioned fan event were spotted wearing headbands, accessories, and presents gifted by fans, the rapper was visibly compelled not to wear those things by the staff at the scene.

In one of the videos going viral on social media, a fan is visible gifting Jaemin headbands and other stuff. Still, one of the staff wearing black clothes quickly and abruptly snatched away the things from their hand, not even allowing the idol to look at it, according to some fans.

Some fans say that watching how the NCT DREAM member was still smiling at the event after alleged different treatment apart from the other group members, they were not elated. They demanded a proper explanation for the things that occurred.

Here is how some fans are reacting as they observe that the Method to Hate You actor is not appropriately treated,

A few DREAMZENs took the matter seriously and demanded an explanation from the SM ENTERTAINMENT stating why such alleged unfaithful events have been happening to Jaemin only and urged the agency to reply to their concert. They even trend hashtags including RESPECT JAEMIN AS ARTISTS, HE DESERVES BETTER, SM BE FAIR TO HIM, and others. They also trended the following statement on social media to express their disappointment on social media,

"We demand an explanation regarding the differential and unfair treatment given to JAEMIN by your staff during the offline fan signing event in China that took place yesterday."

Fans only want SM ENTERTAINMENT to provide fair treatment to the members of NCT DREAM, and according to some of them, the agency is failing at that as well, and the only solution they find is to start a protest against the mistreatment on social media.

NCT DREAM has recently released its third studio album, ISTJ.

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