"You dragged his whole family": DREAMZENs demand an apology from 127ZENs for criticism regarding Chenle's suggestion to release mini winter album

Featuring Chenle (Image via SM ENTERTAINMENT)
Chenle (Image via SM ENTERTAINMENT)

On October 22, 2023, NCT Dream fans, known as DREAMZENs, demanded an apology from NCT 127 fans, referred to as 127ZENs, for insulting Chenle. This came after the idol suggested releasing a special winter mini album, Candy last year, a remake of the single released by the five-member band H.O.T back in 1996. Candy propelled the now-disbanded group into the mainstream K-pop industry.

Released on December 19, 2022, the mini album consists of six holiday and Christmas-themed songs, with the title track of the same name. The album includes tracks like Graduation, Tangerine Love, Take My Breath, Moon, Walk With You, and Candy (the main track).

After NCT Dream was nominated in the World Fans' Choice category at the 2023 MAMA Awards, DREAMZENs credited the achievement to Chenle's suggestion and began trending #THANKYOUCHENLE and #127ZensApologizeToChenle on social media. They wished for 127ZENs to rectify their mistake and apologize to Chenle for insulting him last year and calling him a product of nepotism after he suggested the album.

DREAMZENs were also upset as some individuals went to the extent of involving the idol's family and calling him names, stating that he was trying to hinder NCT 127's success.

Fans ask 127GENs to apologize to the idol (Image via X/@7Dream Jingle Bell)
Fans ask 127GENs to apologize to the idol (Image via X/@7Dream Jingle Bell)

"Y'all will say anything omg": DREAMZENs want 127ZENs to apologize to Chenle

In 2022, NCT's DREAM member Chenle proposed releasing a winter mini-album called Candy to his manager. Subsequently, SM Entertainment released this album in December of the same year.

However, when the announcement was made, many DREAMZENs noticed that 127ZENs were mocking and accusing Chenle of being a product of nepotism, suggesting that he used his parents' money to make decisions. Several 127ZENs reportedly even went so far as to send death threats to the idol and insult his family.

The 127ZENs claimed that Chenle was an artist who would do anything to release albums and songs for NCT DREAM, while NCT 127 had not released an album at that time. Fans were disappointed and wanted SM Entertainment to do something for NCT 127 as well.

Fans recall what 127GENs said about the idol (Image via X/@neolilsun)
Fans recall what 127GENs said about the idol (Image via X/@neolilsun)

When NCT DREAM was nominated in the World Fans Choice category at the 2023 MAMA Awards, the sub unit's fans believed it was because of Chelne's suggestion to release the Candy album. Hence, they began trending "THANK YOU" on Twitter to express their gratitude to him and also called for 127ZENs to offer a sincere apology to him for the things they said about him last year.

The ongoing debate between NCT DREAM and NCT 127 fans revolves around the perception that the former is prioritized by SM Entertainment, leaving NCT 127 fans feeling neglected or left out.

DREAMZENs defended the NCT DREAM member against rumors spread by 127ZENs, who accused the idol of directly contacting the CEO of SM Entertainment about the winter special album Candy. Fans explained that he casually mentioned the idea to his manager when the group wasn't working on anything. They also urged 127ZENs to be cautious about the information they spread.

"In the Japan SM Town waiting room while waiting there was nothing to do, so I was listening to music. We never released a winter album so that's why. I thought fans would like an album. Our manager was next to me, so I told him right away," the idol said in a resurfaced clip.

While the heated debate continues between the two fandoms, some individuals from both sides aim to calm the situation and support all sub-units of the group equally.

NCT127 recently made a comeback with their fifth album, FACT CHECK, while NCT DREAM released their third album, ISTJ.

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